Keplerth anyone playing it?

I am curious about this. Has anyone played it? If so, what are your thoughts?

You have no food, no clothes

I guess the two people playing it might be afraid to admit where lies their motivation to do so!

Rimworld clone?

It’s solid so far, I think.

Somehow, it’s 2022 and people are making survival/crafting/etc style games with shit inventory management. The Magic Inventory mod for Terraria showed us the way forward a long time ago. But there is even little QoL stuff missing. You can deposit matching items from inventory into boxes, but only in a chest inventory (e.g. no Terraria style "press button and everything in inventory that can go to a nearby chest will). There’s no way to suck items from the chest only to inventory that I can see (except doing it by bulk).

It5’s quirky. Sometimes monsters invade. I haven’t had any trouble with this, but apparently either right at release or maybe right before, the spawned monsters could be high level and render a world unplayable. Yikes. But I haven’t seen it in 10+ invasions. When monsters do invade there’s a spawner you need to destroy with your pick, but it’s fairly tame. Goblins will start building structures (including defensive towers) if left alone long enough. I haven’t progressed farther than them. But there’s always plenty of notice. E.g. 3.5M to goblins invading alert. then a countdown of 3m+ on “goblins are banging around near your base” and then they start “attacking”. I had wild animals run amok (but do little else), goblins actually clear out natural rock/dirt formations. I dont know if they’ll dig through crafted walls though. Puttingt crafted walls and torches around your base will prevent invaders from spawning inside, which is nice. I had a goblin spawn take out most of one of my beehive setups. Also I am not fully walled on all 4 sides but nothing has spawned close in awhile now.

Another quirk: you can dig down but it’s a whole new level. Also you don’t “dig”, you have to place a stair. And you are limited to how far you can go both through game progress (kill boss, get new crafting bench, build a thingy that provides “magic” protection for the next “tier” down), and stair materials (copper, iron, silver, etc). Copper only goes to level 4 IIRC, Iron to level 9, and so on. The first boss is on the surface. Finding bosses isn’t hard. Kill mobs and eventually one drops something that reveals the location of the nearest infected city (surface, first boss), goblin city (will be underground levels 1-4), etc. There are multiple of each type of city, and bosses do have some variable drops it seems. Special gear and such.

A quirk of crafting is that you can craft “better” gear I suppose through practice but I am still figuring out how it works. E.g. repeatedly craft Bronze chests and they will more or less spawn as chest +1, [email protected], up to 3. Increasing innate bonuses. Later, there’s a station that allows you to “plate” gear (or hone weapons, I suppose) with materials that adds random enchantments. Better materials = more, better quality, enchantments. And downside quirk of crafting is that it feels like there’s a lot of stations. Copper workbench, copper anvil, copper furniture table, copper firearms table, copper stove, etc. They’re not all worth your time. I can’t imagine having enough iron to craft all iron furniture, or why I need to e.g. Also stoves just increase fuel use efficiency, which feels like a missed opportunity (give me more food for my materials, damnit). You’ll need to do the workbench and anvil for each tier, for sure. And there are like 6+ boss crafting stations. It’s mildly annoying.

Another thing you can do here is level up. Sort of. You collect genetic markers and materials as you just sort of make your way through the world and you can activate and equip special upgrades from, them. There’s a mild tetris thing going on with this, and you can save multiple loadouts (there are definitely way more upgrades than slots, I am already pinched for room and not even halfway through unlocking stuff). I like this part.

The surface is littered will teleporters you can use to get back to base. There are also special stones that are a one way town portal. They can be purchased in some places and also drop from actual loot goblins, who do in fact like to lead you on merry chases.

Devs have a lot of plans to add content to the game, I think. I’ve only just poked down into the “iron stair” layer underground (just level 5) and there’s lots of new stuff and my new principle enemy (although invasions are still just goblins). I have several tamed pets who can fight for me (just one active) but haven’t figured out how to upgrade them yet. I have not collected enough of whatever I need to start cloning new people at the [thingy] and not sure when that’s coming. I just unlocked (sort of late, for when you can) a new structure that contacts “survivors” but it hasn’t found any yet. I probably need to start building housing or something. I have apple orchards, berry bush fields, a very modest crop plot (I have barely found any seeds beyond wheat), a bunch of beehives going, and some mechanical devices that assist in fruit harvesting.

rimworld doesn’t have you control anyone right? you just vaguely say what needs to be done and if someone should prioritize it or ignore it.

Thanks for that info. The game doesn’t say it is in EA, but from your description it seems like an EA title.
Perhaps Ill give it more time in the oven before trying it.

You have no food, no clothes, no nothing. Your butt is fully out. So embarrassing for you, dude. Welcome to the world of Keplerth. The game where you sound like you have a speech impediment when you say its name.

Also, I would say that it’s more don’t starve than rim world. I’ve attracted some NPCs but can’t really do anything with them yet.

It’s got more than a few issues. Leather, which you need to craft armor at every tier of ore, is the rarest resource I have seen. I don’t know where it comes from other than shops, but I ahve found it out in the world. I would kill to find out where.

Speaking of ores, about the time you start needing silver it gets a lot harder to get enough ore to do anything. This was deeply obnoxious. It’s apparently easier to shop scum - going around to human towns (all towns have a teleporter) with miner salesmen and looking to see if they have silver ore available - than it is to go fucking find it. Allegedly once you start getting deep - past 14, but I can’t do that yet - all ores start getting a lot more common. But the 10-14 range is when you’re going to start wanting gold, and it’s rare. So off to shops. Another “bonus” is that blacksmiths sell equipment (just weapons and ammo, enver seen armor for sale), and once you start going into a new “tier” of the underworld they start selling items of that ore randomly. So you may be able to buy e.g. silver weapons before you can reliably make them.

Needless to say, that’s not ideal. And diving isn’t possible because (1) each tier is gated by the need to craft something at the special crafting station you get from beating the boss of the previous tier and (2) shit gets a lot harder. I’m still packing iron armor, with some goblin armor mixed in (it’s sort of “advanced” iron armor) and I get wrecked at 10-14. Working on getting enough silver for armor now, except I don’t have enough leather for a full set IIRC. And hoping to buy some gold weapons.

There’s a special shop you can visit early on (from the teleporter) that refreshes inventory daily and it often has leather for sale. My advice: buy it at every opportunity. Or figure out wherever the fuck leather comes from. I can’t.

There’s also some quirks with ore. You won’t know this necessarily at first, but miner shops can make you ore detectors. It costs 10 bars of whatever ore, and I’ve found then worthwhile. So that’s basically starting a new “tier” of ore 10 bars in the hole. And you have to craft a workbench, then an anvil minimum. And you either need to build stairs to dive (6 ore per), or upgrade a mining elevator (still costs 6 bars, but these things are great). It doesn’t really feel like it’s fully baked in regards to the balance of finding some critical crafting mats (some you get from killing e.g. infected/goblins/insectors/whatever is in 10-14 and it’s not so bad to farm that stuff).

It still scratches the certain itch that these sorts of games do. But it’s not the most satisfying scratch.

Lol you can craft leather I just missed it.

It’s only embarrassing if you let it be.