Kerbal Space Program 2

Maybe if the game had given you tasks to perform, such as collecting rocks, performing science experiments, etc.

Well, it’s true that KSP does ask you to gather science, including when landed on a foreign body, but that never tookme more than a couple minutes. I’d then be off to hunt for another biome to farm for science. I like the idea of a colony that has a longer-term mission.

Like, say, a base or something at Minmus that mines, refines and refuels your vessels as they head to outer system?


Yeah yeah, you can do that in KSP – but I never have! I didn’t need to, at least not to finish the science tree. I found it easier just to make refueling stations in orbit.

Speaking of which: I hope the new KSP gives us more to do on space stations, too.

I really enjoy setting up an observatory, using the mods that renders objects and planets even beyond, and trying to pinpoint it (very tricky, because the sensitivity is so great!) toward an object depending on its orientation and the time of the year. I would then take a snapshot.
Now that I write it, it seems so vain!

Which mods let you do that? I’ve wanted to do that forever!

Distant objects if it still works in the current version renders objects beyond the local “box”. It has next to zero impact on performance, and makes everything so more amazing, as you can also see your own stations and debris from far away. It makes the space really dark if there is a light source, but wonderfully mesmerizing when Kerbol is hidden.

I don’t remember where the observatory was, but I think it may have been one of those extra parts pack. It wasn’t really practical, nor very realistic (you can look at objects with an insane resolution through your lens after all: a blurry mod would have made it even more perfect ;)
I don’t have my PC at hand to search for the name for it, but I bet there must be a couple of them around by now!

I have distant objects it’s the ability to make a telescope or observatory that I don’t have.

Hey everyone - you know who Star Theory Games are? The awesome developers from Uber Games that made Planetary Annihilation.

Is it common for studios to change their names? I’m curious what the story is behind becoming Star Theory.

Given all I could achieve in KSP1 was a rocket that flew up a few kilometres and dropped back to earth, hoping the “improved onboarding” is done well.

are we playing the same game? kerbal has always been super whimsical and “loosely” based in reality (as far as the specifics of the engines go) there are even highly polished mods that already add interstellar stuff. i dont think its very far off the kerbal motif at all

It’s essentially bringing the main game up to the current modded experience. Something they’ve done before with expansions; incorporating many popular mods or mod concepts.

The current engine is pretty old and creaky for the demands that are frequently placed on it.

I couldn’t find the name of the mods from my mod folder’s mirror, but here is a snap of the (ugly) Fumble Project space scope, if somebody can chime in:

I’d guess we aren’t.

KSP 2 planets will have axial tilt. In layman’s terms, this is what gives Planet Earth its seasons. :)

At least we now know why they had the name change. They were tired of being confused with the Uber ride conpany.

Sometimes gamers are so stupid it makes me want to scream. As I was getting more hyped up for KSP 2 what’s the new top thread there?

Making a second is a bad idea:

Ksp Is like Minecraft, there should never be a sequel, it is an open ended creative game,
By making a sequel we effectively admit that the first had core flaws that couldn’t be fixed with an update.
Im sorry but more Minecraft, when Microsoft acquired Mojang, they didn’t make Minecraft 2, they instead took the amazing community and built upon it, they did things we never would’ve thought they could do. Most of the features in KSP 2 that we know of, can be incorporated in an update. Also, some of the parts in KSP 2 seem a little too far from the present.

That article is exactly slightly incorrect. All of the planetary axes in KSP1 are perpendicular to the ecliptic, which is defined by Kerbin’s orbit. So if the orbit is inclined, the planet does have axial tilt relative to its orbital plane. That’s how NathanKell and the RSS team got the Earth to have the correct tilt relative to the lunar orbit–they inclined the whole solar system to produce it.

I’m confused as to what you’re saying. Are you saying they are using the same RSS trick as opposed to building in an actual baked in “rotational” axial tilt?

In KSP2 is seems there will be actual axial tilt. I’m just saying they got how the tilt worked in KSP1 slightly wrong. The article said this:

The planets in the original KSP tend to be aligned perpendicularly to their ecliptic orbit

This is true of Kerbin and the Mun, but isn’t true generally. The axes in KSP1 are all parallel to each other. So if the planet’s orbit is tilted, e.g. Eeloo’s orbit is 6.5° off the ecliptic, the axis will be tilted too by the same amount.

But in KSP2, it appears that the planetary axes will all be able to be tilted relative to each other.