Kerbal Space Program

Build your spacecraft, manage your space program and, the hilariously fun part, drive your spacecraft to space.
Lots of fun, yet another indie gem in the making:

I’ve long wondered why someone hasn’t made a space program game since Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space. I’ll have to check this out when I get home :)

Has anyone managed to successfully build a multistage rocket yet - all of my experiments end with a pile of dead bodies.

I’ll give this a whirl tonight. :)

Our first successful two-stage rocket liftoff followed by our first successful two-stage astronaut recovery.

When in doubt use the SAS module as a cushion. Or maybe attempt a water landing.

Is this game as awesome as it sounds?

I need to give it a try when I get home tonight.

Yeah I forgot about this yesterday but I’m definitely giving this a try tonight. They mention wanting to add the ability to travel to other planets/moons, construct space stations and star bases, etc. AWESOME!

This is awesome. Unlike Spore, the actual model matters!

It needs a game flashed out around the basic concept, but it’s still fun the way it is now.

It reminds me of Bridgebuilder. Fun game that could be science homework at the same time.

I guess everyone is trying to download this now, I am not even getting 100 kb/s…


I’m getting 800+ :P

Remember to check the forums, keep up with new releases (there’s a big one with lots of nifty stuff coming soon) and stuff other people create (models, textures, etc)

I can see lots of potential here, from landing on the Moon to setting up a whole mission to Mars… think about it. :D

Any tips? I tried this for a couple hours this morning and no matter how carefully I put fins on the sides or designed and redesigned the initial solid rockets, nine times out of ten I’d launch off the pad spinning wildly to my doom.

There also seem to be some problems with some parts just never wanting to join correctly even though it looks like it should just fine. How is anyone building a tall multi-stage rocket without it wobbling and breaking apart as soon as it touches the pad?

This is great. The laughs I have had, and the things I have learned.

On RPS they claimed that hitting T to toggle the stabilizers (?) does wonders. I have not played this yet though so I have no idea what that really means.

More pictures people!

Multiple SAS systems, and hold F the whole time.

Ah, that could help. I didn’t realize the effects were cumulative between them.

I’ve had success building up into a multi-stage rocket. For instance just start with a single-stage rocket and then as that works add in a second stage, etc. That way you’ll understand how each of the stages is supposed to work. Right now I’ve found that a three stage rocket is fairly okay to build.

First-stage is basically just a single liquid-engine. Second stage is a tri-liquid engine with two or three units of fuel. Then to get it off the ground you have a third-stage with just three solid fuel boosters. Dial down the thrust as you get up to the first-stage to keep your command module from flying up so high that it’ll take ten minutes to get back down to earth though.

How far do you have to go to “win” or is there even such a thing in the game as it stands? I ask because I just got up to 155,000+ m, which seemed pretty high, and then came back down for a soft earth landing. Not sure what the point is with this . . .

I did this with a two stage rocket. Stage one was the triple solid rocket boosters and stage two was a single engine with two units of fuel.

How high do I have to go , to know I’ve entered space?

Exosphere ends at 190,000 km. Not sure about the game.