Kerbal Space Program


I don’t know that it’s competitive, but here’s a multiplayer Kerbal mod.


Scott Manley has a bunch of competitive KSP videos, including…


The Making History Expansion is out.
I’m looking forward to anything (a-political) that could discourage me from getting it.


I’m interested in it for the mission builder alone. I just need something to help me to plan my missions so I don’t make dumb mistakes like forgetting to bring a heat shield.


I played around with it a bit. Mostly trying mission for planets I’ve never visited (which is basically anything other Duna, (Mars), and Eve (Venus). I didn’t try out the mission builder or the new parts.

I won’t play it much until 3 or 4 mods I use are updated for the new version and I get an itch to play it again.

It is a terrific game, incredibly educational, challenging, but fun. At times I’ve felt guilty spending hundreds or even thousand hours playing a game. I’ve never felt that way about playing Kerbal.


I’m excited for missions, I need them in a game like this.


I played through the first mission, and really like the additions so far. The added skins for parts is cool,and I’ve seen a few of the added parts that flesh out some holes in the parts lineup which is also very cool! I am like @Strollen in that I never feel bad about the countless hours I’ve put into this game. It always feels like you can take your KSP to the next level and there is always a next level within reach.

The mission itself is fairly well designed, and easy enough for beginners, yet challenging for pros to earn more points. I hope they are all this well done.


I am looking forward to playing this expansion too. Does the new mission-builder system make it possible for modders to create linked missions or campaigns? Or are they simply one-off missions? Either way, I’m sure I’ll enjoy them, as I love when things go wrong in KSP, lol. But a campaign would be great. :)


I wonder how long it’ll take the major mod makers to catch up? I have a billion I’d used in the past.


I have kept a special install of the 1.2.2 version (you can run the game without Steam, even in the Steam version, and you can ask it to install any previous version from the “beta” branches) modded for that purpose. Quite a few of my favorites never got an upgrade to 1.3, and it seems the same has been again true for 1.4.

For reference, in the current 1.41: a few of my essentials are outdated (1.3) versions, but are still working (Kerbal Engineer Redux, Docking Port Indicator, Ambiant Light and Distant Objects), and the rest have been updated (Chatterer, Mechjeb and Stage Recovery). But you can tell I am running on a small diet of mods nowadays. No texture replacement, no extra parts, no scansat, no fancy onboard computers: I just run my v1.2.2 for that purpose.


Apparently I already own this! I guess I bought the game so long ago, directly from Squad, that I’m part of some Early Access thing that gives me free DLC for life?1!?


So, has anyone played with the missions much? It seems like the mods are starting to come along, so I’m able to get back into my save game at least…


Not yet. Was waiting to see if mod makers were going to still support the game they say they did a year ago.


I’ve found all the QOL mods I wanted. Funny enough it seems you can’t use mods when doing missions anyway, so… might as well dig in =)


Even ship design mods like the ones that give you dV and other stats?


That’s my question too. Seems odd mods could someone be totally by it.


I will double check that when I get home from work. I have both MJ2 and KER loaded (both have beta’s you can download for 1.4.1)

I am finding fewer and fewer of the mods I like through ckan. I am sure it will catch up, but a lot of things I have been downloading myself instead of in my ckan list.


Well, Kerbal Engineer Redux showed up! So maybe it’s just the parts that are limited because of the mission builder?


The 1.3 version of KER has been reported working with 1.4x upwards, although it had some display glitches here (oversized in building mode, took a bit of weird configuration to get it back to normal in flying mode).


Kerbal Alarm Clock was working also as of a few days ago.