Kerbal Space Program


If Take2 isn’t doing the more onerous stuff with KSP, why put it in the EULA? The one thing that bothered me was “selling your e-mail address to 3rd parties”. I don’t need more spam and that kind of thing really angers me.


Not all software treats personal information as casually as KSP.


Kerbal Space Program:

By installing and using the Software, you consent to… the transfer of any personal information and other information to Licensor, its affiliates, vendors, and business partners, and to certain other third parties

Stardew Valley:

Analytics information may be shared with advertisers on an anonymous aggregate basis. We may also publicise anonymous, aggregate statistics through our websites or other channels although this will not include your personal data.

Even Google is more careful with your data:

We do not share your personal information with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of Google except in the following cases:

… if you use Google Home to request a ride from a ride-sharing service, we’ll get your permission before sharing your address with that service.

If you’re a student or work for an organization that uses Google services (like G Suite),…

We provide personal information to our affiliates, … Google Commerce Ltd, Google Payment Corp, and Google Dialer Inc.


Ah, I stand corrected. I am a bit paranoid, so I assumed everybody was selling my data to anyone.
I must confess I am still distraught by how Google got its hand on some of my purchase history (especially since I am using a different google account, brr!)


Another semantics question: Would you consider this game, in addition to being a space sim, also a business sim? How important is the running-a-business aspect of this game? (I only played the demo before the business stuff was added.) Thanks.


You can turn off the business sim side if you don’t want it. If you do, I’ve found that the business side doesn’t limit me as much as research, and (at least sans mods) there isn’t anything in space you didn’t put there, so there’s not a stock way to play SpaceX Simulator 2018.


The business side isn’t that important. It’s pretty simplistic. But if you play career mode, you do have to complete missions to earn cash to afford rocket parts, athough it’s not hard IMO.

The more fun aspect is generating science.


As a business sim, either I or it is failing, as I systematically turn off that aspect for the hindrance and the zero reward the monetary aspect brings to my space fantasies.

I concur with @Kyle700 that science is still somewhat fun.


The business part of it isn’t really a challenge, but it gives me goals to pursue. If I’m gonna land someone on Duna and bring him back home, I expect to get paid for it.


Agreed. The only time the business side of things even plays into KSP is if you are playing hardcore and do not redo any launches. Then you can get into a pickle at times. Science is still fun for me, especially if you are playing with mods and the community science tree.

The other thing that is new that will throw you if you are not prepared for it is the communication component. If you are unsure why you keep losing control of your space craft, this is most likely the culprit. I like the com relay game, but I know it has killed a lot of Kerbals for newly returning Space Commanders.


Now we know why KSP ended up with so much plane content


I can’t recall the history, but I think most of the early aeroplane stuff was just a big hack made by some modder (CJ?) And was basically rocket parts designed to look like plane bit. The KSP team liked it so much that they hired him and made it an official part of the game.

It’s interesting how the editor looks a lot like the KSP one. Hopefully it was entirely original code, otherwise the evil suites at SQUAD might send in the lawyers.



I did my first long-distance EVA (rescuing Jeb from a parking orbit I’d left him in after an early sub-orbital/sub-optimal encounter with the Mun) the other night, and I felt like just the dog’s bollocks. Matching orbits in KSP is like pulling teeth.


Only the twenty first ones are painful!


Because that’s when you stop trying?


I never even thought of getting to Eeloo especially not like this.


Wow that is impressive!


That’s batshit.

If you haven’t played the game it’s not nearly as impressive I am sure, but if you have played it and managed to make a small space station, dock, reach the outer planets, etc?

Then you understand just how batshit all of that is.


I imagine most anybody that follows the thread on 5+ year old game has tried it. I pretty much always play career mode, mostly because I don’t have imagination to even try something like that. I’ve never been to the outer planets, only Duna and the inner ones.

Much less the skill/patience to pull it off. Then speed it up and set it to music.


The first stage was a matter of computer horsepower and patience, but the Eeloo transfers and orbits? I have no idea how they were managed (and the video was going too fast!).