Kerbal Space Program

Awesome. That’s the kind of information I was wondering about!

Pretty much for this reason, I had one of my guys whip up this guide so I could get some guidance on how to get back in to the game myself:

I’ve been using CKAN myself to manage my mods and I’ve found it to work pretty well - it has this feature where you can see what mods have recently become become compatible with the version you’re running, which is neat.

Excellent. Thank you!

I think Chaterer should be listed there… It’s one of those mods I tend to put in even though all it adds is flavor =)

I remember that one. Yes it is awesome!

Are there any mods that add more plant life and “stuff” to the planets and make the ground look better on Kerbin?

Thanks for that writeup on mods! I was interested to see Interstellar Extended on your list. I tried it once but never got very far, and I recall it being a bit buggy. It’s smoother now, I take it?

I would have to ask the guy who wrote it as I’ve never used that mod myself - I would assume so, as the reason he got the gig was because he’d put a ton of hours into it and the mod scene and knows what’s what.

There is a small caveat though that at the time of writing there were lots and lots of mods that hadn’t been updated to 1.7.x yet, so this is list (as well being split up into Must haves, Quality of Life and then just misc. mods of interest) had to work with what was 1.7.x compatible at the time of writing.

We’re going to be updating it regularly though so as more mods come up to speed, we can rotate and feature different ones.

Personally I hope the Outer Planets mods gets updated… although I’ve barely made it to the moon in all my time with KSP, so… :D

1.7 is still crashing for me after I disabled all my mods, so evidently I have some further work to do.

You might try doing a verify on Steam and see if that fixes it. As for mods, I looked back at the list I posed a couple of years ago, and I think most of my favorites are still the same. Some of the parts mods have changed, but the others are still a great set of mods that I look forward to being updated to 1.7.2…

Link to my list up Above…

Edit: Hmm, there are a few missing there. Maybe I need to update that list a bit…Still a good starting point if you want to know about KSP mods. A lot of the ones in the article are on my list from 2017…

I’m actually quite surprised so many of the mods aren’t updated yet. I guess I got spoiled by Rimworld and Warhammer as the bigger mods are so active and always updated within a week of patch release.

I’m surprised too. KSP modders often have updated as fast as that in the past, haven’t they? Anyway, I’m waiting a few more days to see how things shake out, but I’m looking forward to trying the new DLC.

I haven’t kept up with KSP in years, but I got the feeling that when Harvester and the original crew got squeezed out of Squad by the suits that the modding community took umbrage with that and started to put less effort in.

I just think it’s hard to keep up enthusiasm for maintaining and updating an unpaid hobby project over the course of many years. I did some modding early on and just gradually lost interest in adding new features, handling bug reports, and updating it every time the game updated. I turned my mod over to someone else, and it gradually got obsoleted by core game updates that assumed the same functions.

Yes please update!

Fishbreath, I had to uninstall completely. Something I did at one time or another put something within my steam folder for KSP directly not a sub folder. Once I reinstalled I was good.

@Fozzle - Any reason you don’t use FAR ie. Ferram Aerospace Research (realistic aerodynamics)?

My impression is that the stock aerodynamics improved enough a few years ago that only people who want the most exacting simulation need something like FAR. (Or rather FAR Continued now.)

Really?! Whoa I had no idea!

Here’s a sample reddit thread from 2015.

Version 1.0 of KSP included a complete overhaul of the aerodynamics system.

Is Deadly Re-entry still needed?