Kerbal Space Program

On the bug tracker it’s not marked “Ready to Test”, so I’m not sure they’ve put much effort into it. No response from any dev on the forum. This seriously makes the entire paid expansion unplayable and Squad doesn’t seem to give a shit. I probably will shelve KSP until KSP2 comes out.

There does seem to be a workaround for the bug:

In “\saves\default\persistent.sfs” (your main save) and in “\GameData\SquadExpansion\Serenity\Resources\DeployedScience.cfg”, change the line “ScienceTimeDelay = 60” to “ScienceTimeDelay = 6000000”.

This makes it generate science about once every 50 ingame days, which would be about 8.8 science each time, (as measured with Minmus).

I can play again!

This was just released for Android and iOS. Probably the closest you can get to KSP on mobile.

Dang I cannot wait for this update! The latest texture remaps are gorgeous:


1.8 just went live! WOohoo!!! Now - how long will it take all my mods to catch up? :(

This is just a small sample of changes:

1.8.0 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH and BG changelog)
+++ Improvements
> * Upgrade KSP to Unity 2019.2.2f1 version.
> * Standalone Windows build now uses DX11 Graphics API. Many visual improvements to shaders and FX.
> * Implement Unity Incremental Garbage Collection.
> * Implement new celestial body shaders and textures for Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Eve, Gilly.

  • Update Main Menu Mun terrain shader.
  • Add Terrain Shader Quality graphics setting.
    > * Improve the TrackingStation load time.
  • Implement ability to edit Action Groups in flight.
    > * Performance improvements to the VAB/SPH scenes.
    > * Performance improvements in the flight scene.
    > * Performance improvements in the Tracking Station scene.
  • Add ability to edit resource values in PAWs using the key input.
  • Add Warp to node button on dV readout in NavBall display.
  • Add enable/disable wheel motor Actions to all wheels.
  • Add ability to limit the maximum size of PAWs via settings.cfg.
  • Improve the Action Groups/Sets UI.
  • Add PAW_PREFERRED_HEIGHT to settings.cfg for players to set a prefered max height.
  • Made staging and docking UI available in map view
  • Pinned labels in map view now persist pinned even when leaving and re-entering map view
  • “Delete All” functionality for messages app has been implemented.
  • Improve the KSC grass and asphalt texture and shader to reduce tilling.
  • Improve textures for the VAB building on level one.
  • Model revamp for the level one and level two Research and Development nissen huts.
  • Increased precision for eccentricity in advanced orbit info display.
  • Upgrade VPP and improve wheel and landing leg function.
  • Expose global kerbal EVA Physics material via setting.
  • Add do not show again option to re-runnable science experiments.
  • Add actions for same vessel interactions functionality.
  • Implement per-frame damage threshold on destructible buildings.
  • Add vessel name title to flag PAWs.
  • Add a confirm dialog with the option of “Don’t display again” when a kerbal removes a science experiment data.
  • Disable Pixelperfect on UI Canvases to improve performance - available to configure via settings.cfg.
  • Increase precision for numerical editing of maneuver nodes.
  • Kerbal position on ladders and command pods improved.
  • Add ability for users to add their own loading screen pictures to the game. Folder is KSP/UserLoadingScreens

Did they fix the ground station experiment spam?

Here’s the changelog… and way down near the bottom:

  • Fix Deployed Science Log and Message system spam.

It only took them 5 months to make their paid DLC playable!

Dear Baby Jesus:

Make the authors of KSP and the author of Space Engine fall in love with each other.

Your Pal,


So say we all, amen.

I believe I heard that on one of the consoles they made a launch site on the Mun and made that one of the options you could launch from. Is that something they included in 1.8?

I hadn’t read that.

According to several accounts on Reddit, many people are seeeing DOUBLE the frame rates with high part rockets with this patch. Wow!

So from 2fps to 4fps? :)

I can report much better frame rates. a Solid 60 fps so far in the 50-60 part range. better then the 27 I used to get.

So, after playing with the new update all weekend I am convinced they must have found a pretty juicy performance nugget somewhere because this is 155 parts, and I am still at 60 FPS. My only issue now is with the mission bastard that required space for 19 Kerbals AND 6000 liquid fuel on board…I know it’s ugly but I still need to unlock a lot of the science tree…

(i7 w/ RTX2070 for reference)

I like it! I don’t think it’s ugly. How many times did you have to dock things together to make that space station? Twice?

That was 4 launches, and them one more because is used to much fuel getting there and didn’t have enough in the tank to finish the contract.

With all the changes I’ve been content not playing with mods, except I do miss a couple I wish were updated already;

Docking port alignment indicator because the docking tools still stink.
Alarm clock for finding transfer windows in game.

I kept reading this thread and then ignoring the game. I felt I learned my lesson from all the Paradox game threads - stuff that should be right up my alley but I bounce off of hard.

Turns out, not so much. I finally dipped my toes in and I’m now over 300 hours play time. There was several hours of fiddling with tutorials, then 20-30 in a Science game before I restarted in Career. Then a Career restart when I discovered mods - particularly ScanSAT.

Finally launched my first mission outside Kerbin and its moons. Duna, here I come! I hope. I may have cut corners on dV a bit too much. We shall see. It’s just a pair of launches for comms array and survey satellites. Screenies to come later!

They’re now somewhat aggressively caching a lot of stuff each frame to prevent loads of unneeded recalculation.

OK Well so much for a vanilla run =) I ended up adding a few things back in. I mainly added beautification, new contracts, and some number crunching tools like mechjeb, alarmclock, etc. So I thought I would share the performance gains with my Space Casino I’ve been working on. It’s not quite done yet but almost. 1-2 more launches I think, and one more asteroid to complete the custom contract. With all 33 mods (still trying to keep it down) at 3840x1600 this craft has 379 parts on it and it is still running at 25 FPS. This would’ve been a slide show in 1.7 so I am pretty happy that I can keep it running even with Scatter, eve, etc. going on.

Wow. That is amazing! Super important to have the updates for this game because KSP2 just got majorly delayed. 1-2 additional years out.