Kerbal Space Program

I hadn’t read that.

According to several accounts on Reddit, many people are seeeing DOUBLE the frame rates with high part rockets with this patch. Wow!

So from 2fps to 4fps? :)

I can report much better frame rates. a Solid 60 fps so far in the 50-60 part range. better then the 27 I used to get.

So, after playing with the new update all weekend I am convinced they must have found a pretty juicy performance nugget somewhere because this is 155 parts, and I am still at 60 FPS. My only issue now is with the mission bastard that required space for 19 Kerbals AND 6000 liquid fuel on board…I know it’s ugly but I still need to unlock a lot of the science tree…

(i7 w/ RTX2070 for reference)

I like it! I don’t think it’s ugly. How many times did you have to dock things together to make that space station? Twice?

That was 4 launches, and them one more because is used to much fuel getting there and didn’t have enough in the tank to finish the contract.

With all the changes I’ve been content not playing with mods, except I do miss a couple I wish were updated already;

Docking port alignment indicator because the docking tools still stink.
Alarm clock for finding transfer windows in game.

I kept reading this thread and then ignoring the game. I felt I learned my lesson from all the Paradox game threads - stuff that should be right up my alley but I bounce off of hard.

Turns out, not so much. I finally dipped my toes in and I’m now over 300 hours play time. There was several hours of fiddling with tutorials, then 20-30 in a Science game before I restarted in Career. Then a Career restart when I discovered mods - particularly ScanSAT.

Finally launched my first mission outside Kerbin and its moons. Duna, here I come! I hope. I may have cut corners on dV a bit too much. We shall see. It’s just a pair of launches for comms array and survey satellites. Screenies to come later!

They’re now somewhat aggressively caching a lot of stuff each frame to prevent loads of unneeded recalculation.

OK Well so much for a vanilla run =) I ended up adding a few things back in. I mainly added beautification, new contracts, and some number crunching tools like mechjeb, alarmclock, etc. So I thought I would share the performance gains with my Space Casino I’ve been working on. It’s not quite done yet but almost. 1-2 more launches I think, and one more asteroid to complete the custom contract. With all 33 mods (still trying to keep it down) at 3840x1600 this craft has 379 parts on it and it is still running at 25 FPS. This would’ve been a slide show in 1.7 so I am pretty happy that I can keep it running even with Scatter, eve, etc. going on.

Wow. That is amazing! Super important to have the updates for this game because KSP2 just got majorly delayed. 1-2 additional years out.

I swear putting stuff on my wishlist triggers a Steam sale. I just put KSP and the expansions on my wishlist earlier today. An email arrived a couple of minutes ago saying the game is 75% off with 25% off on the expansions! Will have to get the base game for $10. I’ll probably wait on the expansions unless you guys tell me they are really required.

I’m an amateur but for what its worth, I find I’m using the expansion parts fairly regularly in my designs. I just had to go to the wiki see what those parts were, mind. You can do just fine without them I imagine.

Not all of my crew agrees everything is fine…

My first Mun landing that successfully returned without issue in my career game.

Are most of the mods update for 1.8 by now? The three i’m most interested in are MechJeb, DockPortAlignMent, and KerbalAlarmClock

Edit I meant 1.8

Heck, most of the major mods (afaik) are up to date for 1.8 now. MJ and KAC definitely are, dunno about the docking port one.

Get the expansions. I wouldn’t want to go without the parts.

@jpinard OK, thanks. Found a DasTactic tutorial so I’m watching some of that before deciding whether to buy KSP or not.

@Strollen DPAI Is not updated, so I have been using NavHuUD to lign up docking. it is not as good as DPAI, but it gets the job done:

This is my current mod list and I’m having a pretty good run with these:

@Calelari I love your lander. How did you get these guys hom though? Did you have another vehicle in orbit?

Yeah, that mission was my first after I gave up on round trips and put a station in orbit around the Mun.

F’rex, this mission landed and then got stranded in orbit:

So did the first rescue mission. The second rescue mission made it back but wasn’t pretty. It was very Kerbal though!:

So I decided I needed a midpoint. Space station, make it so:

The lander on there is a newer design that can carry a rover with it. (The rover in the earlier mission landed autonomously.):

(I’ve revised the design since then so that the lander can re-acquire the rover making it reusable.)

Can the game can be fun to play without a whole slew of mods?