Kerbal Space Program

WOO! Got to space on my third design. Now what?

This is my fastest rocket so far, using the standard components. Four stages, with a max speed of 6.7km/s:

Managed to do my first orbital, including sunset and sunrise, de-orbit and splashdown. Jebediah was loving it. Bill… not so much. Bob, as usual, was in full “Game over man!” mode. Here’s the sunrise as I was lining up for my retro burn:

From what I could tell atmospheric drag really kicked in between 35 -40 km, so I guess that’s the space / atmosphere demarcation line.

This is great fun already, and it’s going to be awesome if they can add all the “game” stuff they’re talking about.

A 3 stage rocket similar to Sarkus’s, though I had more on my second stage (aka stage 2.5) is my best yet

1,500,000 meters, notice the K instead of M

I can no longer spot the earth.

I’m guessing the game is more entertainment oriented than sim oriented then? Because the moon is at average 384,000 Km from the earth. And we humans managed to see it just fine through our atmosphere.

0.8.1 is out, with some neat features / bugfixes. Some of you downloading it tonight may already have this, seems to have gone up in the last few hours.

Those guys don’t even look like gerbils.

Just downloaded 8.1 and my high speed rocket no longer works. A few motors fall off when you launch it, ending in the rocket tearing itself to bits. However, it does provide a really neat fireworks display. Removing the first stage leaves me with a max speed of 5km/s.

Looks like part of my rocket will make it to space…

I just downloaded 0.8.1 to try it out a few minutes ago, started the game, and it said 0.8.2 is available. I hope these updates don’t continue every 15 minutes or so!

Wait… 90k is NOT 190k. MY MISTAKE!

No one likes a downer Bill.

I cannot figure this out. None of my designs are working. I’m loading up on SASs but still I barely get any control or stability. I don’t see anyone using winglets. Are they no good?

I tried using them and everything went to hell. I can’t really figure out how the radial decoupler is used though…

Never used winglets, so have no idea if they work or not. To get started I recommend starting out small, start out with one stage. Once that’s working add another stage. Also make sure everything is symetrical.

Before I forget, there is bug with taking off from the launch pad. Rockets will get stuck on the ground if they don’t have enough thrust, even though there’s enough thrust to accelerate the rocket. To fix it put a coupler on your bottom engines.

I think something went horribly wrong. And yet, no one seems upset by that.

My best design so far got me to just under 753km. Multiple SAS modules paired with using the “T” key to activate the stabilizers early in has really helped.

Some additional part packs.
This one adds larger fuel tanks and motor with a few other things:
This one adds an inline tricoupler:

Are these cheaty or add-ony?

Starting the game just now told me that a new 0.8.2 version is out.