Kerbero's Northstar - Space RPG/Trader Game


Actually it will probably follow the model of Age of Decadence.

Everyone compares games to those that have come before. Devs do it, journalists do it, all across the board. Supreme Commander is the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation. Elemental is Not-MOM. It’s a quick and easy way to provide shorthand to what a game is about instead of explaining every proposed feature in detail.

Oh, of course. I agree that title dropping is a nice short hand to explain mechanics. But there are some very serious pitfalls in doing so. Dropping names like X-Com, Baldur’s Gate, or Freespace 2, stir controversy rather than give expedient descriptions, and are often used jadedly or dishonestly to generate empty hype.

The Valkyria Chronicles thread is a good example of poor title references. It’s nothing like X-Com or JA. It’s creatively, stylistically, and mechanically different, its own game. Simply being turnbased tactical combat doesn’t make it similar to other turnbased tactical games. The wisely phrased “Elemental is Not-MOM”, is also exactly on the issue, since Elemental is a turnbased fantasy strategy game with tactical battles, just as Master of Magic is. It will probably be much more like MoM than Northstar will be like X-Com, but since MoM is another pitfall, it’s smart not to draw that comparison. It’s why we use “turnbased tactical” or “fantasy TBS”. That’s perfectly expedient.

Otherwise, it’s poor writing, deliberately deceptive, and a disservice to Kerbero’s game.

no it’s not, you’re just a weirdo

let it go

Eeek! I don’t care about the comparisons. The game looks great! And all my favorite games seem to come from Russia/Eastern Europe nowadays.

Ummm, Kereberos is a Vancouver based studio. The core of the team are ex-Barking Dog folks what brought you Homeworld: Cataclysm and Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. Kerberos’s latest (and first) game is Sword of the Stars.

Damn. It will suck then, for sure!