Kerry charged with Heresy

From the Washington Times:

A Catholic lawyer has filed heresy charges against Sen. John Kerry with the Archdiocese of Boston, accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of bringing “most serious scandal to the American public” by receiving Holy Communion as a pro-choice Catholic.

You know, it’s funny, but i don’t recall anyone bringing charges of heresy against the priests who RAPED YOUNG BOYS. BUT I GUESS THAT’S LESS FUCKING IMPORTANT THAN A POLITICAL CANDIDATE SUPPORTING THE LAW OF THE FUCKING LAND. Still, what the fuck. If the Church goes forward with such a despicably, blatantly political assault, it will be all the evidence hundreds of thousands of Democratic Catholics need to desert the church in droves. Utterly despicable.

I don’t see anything wrong with Catholics adhering to what the Pope has said on numerous occasions. What is the point of a religion if you are going to break its most sacred tenets at the drop of a hat? Clearly, being a pro-choice Catholic is in direct contradiction. If you want abortions, it’s simple: Don’t. Pretend. To. Be. Catholic. Plenty of other religions are available.

PS: Not every Catholic news item requires a reference to child molestation. It really automatically invites vitriole on both sides, and is hardly necessary since it is synomynous with priest already these days.

There are plenty of pro-choice republican catholics who aren’t being sued for heresy.

Sure it does when the point is to show just how disgustingly hypocritical they are being. They protected priests that molested chlldren. The church made an active effort to protect them, so when they choose to take action against Kerry, I believe they should get their own actions thrown in their face because their actions were terrible.

I for one look forward to when these devout souls get to the death-penalty folks.

Yeah, like Arlen Specter. :wink:

Are there? Like whom? (honestly, I just don’t know of any, and you seem to). In any case, it is no surprise the standard is unequally applied. That does not make it wrong in this case, simply because it should happen to other people as well. I’m not a fan of any organized religion, but I do think they have every right to ask their members to put up or get out.

So whenever German people say anything, are we duty bound to mention Naziism? Should we bring up slavery whenever a white American says anything? Or would that be an asinine way to argue unrelated events? Hmmm…or you could just take into account relevance to the matter at hand and operate from there.
Unless, of course, the goal is to turn everything into an angry catfight immediately, which may well have become the way of things these days.

I think you made my point… it’s relevant to bring that up now in my opinion, so I don’t believe it’s asinine at all. It’s blatantly hypocritical and does more than just reduce it to a catfight.

If your alleged point is that in the wake of the child abuse scandals, no Catholic official anywhere is entitled to opine on anything on a moral basis, then you are practically guaranteeing pointlessness to any discussion. I didn’t like Catholicism long before the most recent molestation scandals, but I certainly wouldn’t see any point in pretending to debate any of their talking points if that was going to be the beginning and end of every argument. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to close up shop, and yelling “PEDOPHILE!” every time they say something, even if they may have a point, is just going to marginalize them in all the wrong ways.

Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger: Famous, Republican, Catholic, Pro-Choice.

This is a “denuciation.” It’s apparently something one Catholic layman can do to another, but typically it is done to church officals. This particualr one is being brought to the Catholic church by a guy from an organization called De Fide, which is a non-profit that looks like it was put together expressly for this purpose.

Created rapidly to deal with the burgeoning scandal of Catholic politicians supporting the “Right to Choose” murder and leading ever so more faithful into perdition, the site will have additional content posted daily.

Heh. If quatoria had been baptized Catholic I could file a denunciation with the Catholic diocese in his hometown for the orignal post in this thread. Heratic!

Isn’t the Washington Times the right wing Moonie owned paper?

Anything that speeds secularization is a good thing in my opinion, heh. But in fairness, isn’t this just the action of some wacko who wants attention - this is not a formal action initiated by the Catholic church - it’s the equivalent to a “citizen’s arrest” in church terms:

The Rev. Arthur Espelage, executive coordinator for the Canon Law Society in Alexandria, said a Catholic layman can legitimately bring a case against another layman in a church court. The charges, known in church parlance as a “denunciation,” are similar to a criminal complaint in secular law.

My point is that the church isn’t just debating the issue here, and I certainly would never just pull a pedophile trump card whenever the Catholic church held a position. But in this case someone is actively taking action against someone for a failure to uphold the tenets of the Catholic church… which wasn’t done at all before (in fact, almost the opposite) to a significant number of people who did something truly, truly dispicable as leaders of the church. in my opinion, this isn’t a tenuous opportunity to remind people of the sex scandals. This is a very specific instance of terrible hypocrisy.

Additionally, this group hasn’t exactly been going after all the other Pro-Choice catholic democrats, just the one that happens to be running for President during what’s shaping up to be a very (chinese-curse-like) “interesting” election.

Some high-profile Pro-choice Catholic Republicans:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Catholic parishioner as well as an outspoken advocate of abortion rights and gay liberation.

Governor George Pataki
Mayor Rudolph Giulian:
Both strong supporters of abortion rights, and gay rights.

Tom Ridge:
Current Secretary of Homeland Security
Former governor of Pennsylvania

Paul Cellucci:
Bush appointed canadian ambassador.

Actually, no - it’s the action of an organization established for the sole purpose of bringing these charges against Kerry. Gee. I wonder what group might stand to profit from establishing and funding and publishizing such a group…

Actually, no - it’s the action of an organization established for the sole purpose of bringing these charges against Kerry.[/quote]

Yeah, just checked out the website. Have they ever even brought charges against anyone else?

No. They’re sock puppets.

That could be because pedophilia and rape aren’t forms of heresy.