Kerry is apparently the man

So Bush’s guys have slammed Kerry twice in two days. I guess he’s getting the nomination, everyone’s decided. The weird thing is that Bush is hitting him on being soft on defense, which seems pretty stupid considering that Kerry served honorably in Vietnam while Bush was ditching his ANG service. I would think that Kerry could really demolish him with some McCain-style “I know about sacrifice, sir,” stuff. Is the war still a huge issue for Bush? It’s lukewarm to negative out here, from what I’ve seen, but I’d guess support is a lot higher in the heartland and the south, right?

It’s funny. I always thought one of the best things about Kerry was that he was unassailable on the matter of defense.

Annoiting anyone as “the man” yet is way premature. Historically speaking, winning both Iowa and New Hampshire in contested nominations means almost nothing. The only president who did both was Carter. The rest took the lead later, when states with more than a smattering of delegates (and that are more representative of the US as a whole) had their primaries.

Let’s see how things go this Tuesday before giving Kerry the nod. If he carries both South Carolina and Missouri, then he’ll be in the driver’s seat.

Just because he served in Vietnam doesn’t mean people have to think his foreign policy concepts are okay.

I’m not saying I think he’s the man, just that Bush apparently does.

Yup, I got that. But Bush (or more likely, his advisors) are foolish to start attacking anyone this early. It makes them seem scared and vulnerable. Sitting presidents should appear to be above the fray until the opposing party’s nomination is wrapped up.

Yeah, I totally agree. So: IS he scared and vulnerable? Is Kerry a serious threat? Are they attacking Kerry on defense because they’re scared that his war service (esp. compared to Bush’s) will totally undercut Bush’s one big issue (the war on terror)?

Does Bush strike you as a secure President? He is the one that uttered “there ought to be limits to freedom” after discovering a website that lampoons him.

Absolutely not. But his advisors should be smarter than he is–that’s what advisors are for, after all. I don’t like the Bush team very much, but I’m surprised they would do something this silly. I thought Rove knew better.

I dunno, man, there seem to be some loose cannons in the political machine. Whether it comes from Rove’s offices or Cheney’s there’ve been some really heavy handed tactics used to smear folks in the past. Using questionable tactics against McCain in South Carolina’s primaries, and exposing Wilson’s CIA wife come to mind right off the bat. Rove’s got quite a track record of this kind of thing but he’s usually rather shrewd.

My guess is that they are worried and some folks have hands shaking so much guns are going off before they see the whites of anyone’s eyes.