Keyboard for gaming

Hi guys!

I’m looking to get a new usb keyboard for my gaming pc.
I play FPS, RTS and MMORPG on it. The game room is dimly lit, but not entirely dark.

You all got any experience with specialty keyboards? please post them!

I bought a Saitek Eclipse II earlier this year, and have been very happy with it. The backlighting is great for playing in low lighting, or even with the lights off at night. I also like the key action (something that I am very picky about, though that tends to be a matter of personal taste, so if you can try one out in a store, I’d recommend it). The keys have a substantial, mechanical feel to them.

I also like that, other than the lighting, the keyboard is pretty minimalist and doesn’t take up a lot of desk space. I used to have one of those gigantic, organically-shaped Logitech keyboards with all sorts of special buttons around the key area, but when it came time to shop for a new keyboard, I realized that I never used any of the special buttons, and that I’d probably be better off with something smaller.

Here’s an old thread where the recommendation led towards an old IBM keyboard. These are called Unicomp Customizer now. I hope you live alone, because these keyboards are loud loud loud! But these are the ones to get if you ever find yourself in a steel cage match where you are only allowed to bring a keyboard as a weapon.

while in a sense i indeed intend to use the keyboard as a weapon (controlling games in which war is waged), i rather do my rl combat unarmed.

eclipse keyboards don’t work on the trackmania games for some reason until you disable all the special hotkeys via an additional usb device it installs in device manager. pain in the ass.

For some reason I really like dirt-cheap-but-still-decent keyboards. I have this one and it’s worked perfectly. I’d recommend at least checking out logitech keyboards – they make good stuff.

I admit though that I basically can’t play games without some sort of lighting, so backlighting would be nice.

I’m doubting between this and this.
While the former provides a nifty little lcd screen, backlit keys and some nice programmability, the latter seems superior for shooters. It lacks the blacklit keys but is WAY cheaper. What to do, what to do.

Wow… that wolfking board is really interesting. It is like a zboard or n52 without having to buy another accessory. Would love to try one hands on to see if it really felt right though. Looks like it would…

I have the G15 keyboard and I like it both for games and for actual typing, but truth be told I never use the extra keys and the LCD ends up not adding much to my experience. But I’m not a hard core MMORPGer, so you might be able to get more out of it. But it’s a very solid keyboard on its own.

Hee hee, I was making a bad joke originally. But what I had in mind was how the old rotary telephones was built using a few kg of steel/iron, so that you can hit people with it very well. That’s what those old IBM keyboards are like.

I have the old style G15 (FAR more keys than the one linked a few posts back), and it’s great when you need extra keys. The LCD is supported by some games, but I found the included apps annoying. In WoW, you have your character stats and resistances right there on the keyboard, for example.

The programmable keys are useful if you have some sort of overlay to remember all 58 or so combinations possible.

I posted this in the bargain thread, but realized that I’d probably get some answers here.

Amazon’s Lightning Deal today is a SteelSeries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard for $59.99. It usually goes for $90. It seems pretty slick. Anyone ever used one of these?

I bought this one earlier this year to replace my old Saitek Eclipse II:

Microsoft Sidewinder X4

I’m very happy with it.