Keylogging software (free?)

While I was away at E3 it seems my computer might have been tampered with. My hotmail login is mis-spelled and my history files are gone. I suspect a roommate but I can’t quite finger him and mostly I’m concerned with what he’s possibly done with it. There doesn’t seem to be any residual software (ie, l33t h4x0r tools) installed, I just think he was snooping around.

I’d change my password but I’d rather catch him at it first and see what he’s been doing. Anyone know of a free keylogger?

Yeah, yeah and you need that chlamydia medicine for a friend…


Let her go. It’s not worth it.

Nice to see jackass cynicism prevailing.

Thanks all. Much obliged.

There’s a couple of free ones here. Please remember to use this power for good, not evil.


Heh, there’s some scary software there with the password retrievers.

Just sub7 your PC…


( I am course joking… )

I feel much less secure now that I know that stuff is available. :)

Jakub plzzz d0nt h4XX0rz m3!!

First Kalle, then Sweden, and then: THE WORLD!