Keyshawn Johnson retires

I would have posted this in the NFL Draft/Free Agency thread, but my last search attempt resulted in a “memory exhausted” error. SWEET!

Yeah, he inked a broadcast deal with ESPN. In addition to analysis on ESPN, he’ll be co-hosting a show on EPSN Radio Friday nights with Chris Mortenson and…wait for it…Bill Parcells.


The weird thing is that he was not over the hill by any means. He wasn’t a #1 receiver any more (and, really, I’m not sure he ever was), but he was a great #2 receiver. Going to the Titans would have been stupid, since they’re constantly letting their young players leave and they’re clearly not a Super Bowl contender. But I’m surprised he either A.) didn’t stay with the Panthers (there’s gotta be a story there) or B.) go to the Bears or Saints.

Nice dig on the Titans, BTG, but I won’t fall for it. You clearly have no idea what the Titans are like as a team. Crap…I fell for it.

Heh. I actually meant to put in an asterisk with “Summoning Robert Sharp!” but forgot, but a latent zing is better than no zing at all! You know I love ya, beers on me if you’re ever in the A-T-L*

  • "The Ay Tee Ell – see how I did that, that makes me STREEET.

Edit: SEE how I did that, not SO how I did that. Stupid Atlantans.

Yeah, we know you’re from Atlanta.

The local rumor here in Charlotte was that the Panthers felt they got what they needed in the draft and dropped Keyshawn to make room for cap and growth of the younger receiver set. He was a very questionable pick up with the fans here last year but did manage a respectable 800 plus receiving yards and a handful of touchdowns. Not a bad season at all.

As a Panther fan I can tell you they frequently feel that the draft picks are very solid and make major roster changes based on that only to find out the new players are pretty mediocre. Some of our bigger named players must be getting expensive.

I was surprised to see this as well considering you’d think a lot of teams would have liked to have him as a second or even third receiver, especially since as a veteran he could mentor younger receivers. I’ll chalk it up to his not wanting to settle for league vet minimum. Even still, his stats were decent enough to entertain a short term contract, like 1-year/1-mil.

I wonder what ESPN is paying him?

Keyshawn doesn’t mentor younger WRs. And he said he would NOT play for less than 3 million a year. The Titans (reportedly) offered him 7 mill over 2 years. That’s the offer he turned down.

I think he’s just ready to retire, to be honest. He did a great job as an analyst at the draft (for ESPN). I was quite surprised.

Yeah, didn’t they ditch Muhsin when they thought Keary Colbert was going to be the answer or something? Anyway, it would seem that receiver is one of the most risky positions to just say “Hey, we’re going to ditch our good vet and go with the new guy”, especially when the new guy isn’t even signed yet.

Running back, sure, I can see that, but WR? When your team notoriously is lacking a #2 and #3 receiver?

He did do a good job as an analyst.

I am actually interested in how much of a turnaround he has made in the public (and media) eye. This guy was the late 90s Terrell Owens (well, maybe not that bad, but the worst thing going at the time). Now you hear next to nothing about it, and all is forgiven.

Didn’t Emmitt Smith have a similar reputation given that I thought the helmet removal rule was because of him taunting or something like that? And then when he retires he’s the one of the classiest guys in the NFL, as the media stated.

I don’t remember that either way. I only remember Duwayne Rudd’s helmet removal. That and hoping I would get to see him hit by a Mack truck, based on his need to do the stupid “horns” hand gesture every time he tackled someone for a 5 yard gain.

But even if Smith taunted, he did not have a reputation for trashing his teammates publicly (Wayne Chrebet), constantly bitching about not getting the ball enough, writing a book about not getting the ball enough, constantly talking about his mega-stardom, even though (as you suggest) he may not have ever really been a #1 receiver, let alone a star.

Ah, yeah, my bad:

He’s actually from Florida, but is too ashamed to admit it, so he claims to be from Atlanta instead.

One sympathizes.

Your misdirections have no power here! You have merely amplified point #2 of your post.

I am also not from Florida.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Bacon come from a pig? Now I’m not sure where Pig is? Arkansas maybe?

Some places are good places to be from… with an emphasis on from.

Key’s definitely not a number 1 receiver anymore, but I still think he’s the best number 2 out there, if only for the way he run blocks.

Oh yeah, he has value, don’t get me wrong. He’s just a guy who really oversold his hand and suggested that he was far more valuable than he actually was back when he was playing for the Jets.

Of course, it got him paid, which I imagine was the point in the end. I think some guys (Deion Sanders might also fall into this camp, for example), really are smart enough to put it on just as an act, knowing that in some ways, all press is good press when it comes to raking in the money.