KFC secret recipe accidentally revealed by Colonel's nephew


Totally agree it used to be better.


I stopped there tonight because the kid was craving fried chicken and the menu has to be the worst designed and most confusing of any fast food place. (“The Tyranny of Choice” personified.) And darn hard to get most things without them being in a meal. (Didn’t want sodas.)

Got it home and would have been better off getting the grocery store fried chicken. Blech.


Grocery store fried chicken isn’t actually too bad these days. They’re getting pretty good at it, especially since our over 100,000 population area is now down to one single KFC, when we used to have three of them, back when all three were good.

I think things started going downhill quality-wise at our KFCs in the late 90’s or very early 2000’s. The breading started getting soggy or even downright wet, AND they stopped offering those little mini chicken sandwich thingies that I so loved. And looking behind the counter made me wonder how they ever managed to pass a health inspection. More often than not, it was a total mess back there.


If I don’t want to make it myself, Safeway all the way. It’s the best one here. We don’t have any sort of Southern cuisine/food restaurant that would do it better.


Back when Albertson’s was a thug in Los Angeles it would be my go to for fried chicken. Much better than the race to the bottom that KFC has been in the past decade+

Popeyes would be my go to but they only have locations where getting shot is a serious concern.


Now that’s what I call fried chicken:

Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).

May I please have that in my mouth?


I’m afraid to ask, but is that white stuff frosting?


I’m guessing blue cheese sauce?


Yes Rock8man, it’s frosting. Certainly not gravy, or sour cream, or something else that would actually make sense.


I would eat that chicken with frosting.


There are a couple of reasonable and sensible answers that would still be a turn-off to others. Let’s use your two examples of gravy and sour cream. There’s a large gulf between the two, and for me one would be a delicious proposition while the other would be an instant NOPE.

Also, why would frosting be out of the question? Keeping in mind that one of the staple combinations is fried chicken served with waffles and breakfast syrup slathered over both.


Supposedly it’s lime mayo.

I don’t really get chicken and waffles. I love waffles and I love fried chicken, and I love syrup, but I do not like them together. There’s a restaurant in London called Duck and Waffle, and while it is great, I wish they’d just give you the duck without the waffle.


Yes. I’ll get it at the local Kroger sometimes. They also sometimes make a BBQ flavored one. But what I really love are the roasted chickens. All the stores have them now and so do the kitchens in the big box stores. I can get a nice roasted chicken for something ridiculous like $6 and feed the whole family with it and it’s better than KFC.


Once upon a time, someone eating waffles declared, “You know what this needs? BONES.” And that’s how the world ended up with chicken and waffles.

Less well-know creations from the same person include fish and cereal, ribs and ice cream, and the peanut butter and spaghetti sandwich.


Chicken and waffles was pretty popular at the fair this year. I don’t think you can auto assume anything is okay or not okay to go with specific kinds of food.


@Zylon is a treasure.

A thread about fried chicken recipes? “You know what this needs? HOSTILE SARCASM.”

Frosting is a weird guess though, I have to admit. I gotta say it has to be ranch dressing right?

I like Hyvee’s fried chicken all right. I mean, KFCs around here are kind of bad. We do have 1 popeye’s. So, if we get hungry for fried chicken, that is the go-to place.


“What’s for dinner?”
“Starch, fat, starch, protein, and fat.”
“Hm. Do we have any syrup?”


I don’t think I’ve had home made fried chicken since my grandmother died in 1995 :/


Is this the thread where we bitch about KFC?

We’ve moved house recently, and we wanted some chicken. We don’t know the local chicken places, so we thought we’d go “safe” with KFC…

But I forgot how much of a problem I have ordering from KFC. I seem to suffer from some form of Analysis Paralysis when reading the KFC menu. I don’t suffer this problem when ordering from other fastfood places. Even from Chinese takeaways, which list hundreds of permutations of the-same-damn-thing over and over gain. But for some reason, with KFC, I can’t figure it out.

I simply want a variety of chicken and fries to feed 2 people. And yet I find it impossible to read their menus in-store. There’s just too much. I don’t know if it’s more price-efficient to order a bunch of bits of chicken, or a bucket, or this other kind of bucket, or this streetwise thing, or this other bucket, or this banquet, or this other thing or what. Or what about this mega bucket for one thing with this original recipe thing – that’s the same price as this other bucket, but I get more chicken and less friends which is what we want. I think. I’m not sure anymore.

And then there’s all of this non-chicken stuff like burritos, salads, burgers, riceboxes etc.

None of the prices are officially available online, so I have to go and stand in a store for 10 minutes whilst I puzzle out from an completely incomprehensible menu what I want, rather than doing it online. So I tend to just avoid KFC because of this. And the text is sooo tiny on all of the menus.

The local chicken shops never seem to suffer this problem. All these seem to serve are ever increasingly sized boxes of chicken+fries, so I simply choose the size that suites me best. I assume that the ever increasing prices are about right. I have no fear. Mr Dixie Fried Chicken or whoever it is has soothed my fears with their greasy chicken boxes.

Can’t I just say to the KFC person behind the till “I’d like X bits of normal chicken, Y hot wings, Z fillets, W fries, all in a bucket. Thanks” and they work out the price and make sure it’s not £20? That’d solve all of my problems.

Talking non-chicken, then Burger King and McDonalds basically server a variety of different burgers and fries. So I simply choose which burger I want and that’s it. Easy.)

KFC need to learn that less is often more.