Kickstart This Millionaire's Dream Game

  1. Win Maryland Mega Millions Lottery in '07 for $42 million.
  2. Toss up Kickstarter page for $1.1 million to make a game.
  3. ???
  4. Uh…

I am tired of playing games where not everything we want is already in place. Ex: guild banks. Who creates a game with guilds and doesn’t give you a bank right off the bat. All the games! Its sad.

This game will be nothing like what is out there. There will be so much to do you shouldn’t get bored. Adventures will be created now only by the game creators, but by you the players as well. So Quests will be almost endless. You will be able to play quests made by your fellow gamers.

You will be able to play aspects of this game while you are offline. We will develope applications that will allow you to do income earning chores while you are not in game.

Auction house will allow you to buy items with in game currancy or real currancy. It will be up to you. If real currancy is choosen then the seller will get 50% of the purchase price in real currancy as a reward in real life.

Which Qt3’er is going to bite the bullet and give this guy some funding?

I thought Kickstarter only let certain projects go on the site… Guess not.

Wow, homey straight up stole some Michael Whelan cover art to put on his Kickstarter, too.

Thank god, I thought this was going to be another Double Fine/inExile whine topic.

I think the main qualifier is that you can’t be supporting Occupy Wall Street.

The page is worth checking out just for the HORRIBLE IDEA rewards that he’s come up with.

He’s got 86 bucks so far. Maybe he can pay someone on DA to whip out a quick concept sketch for him for that.

trololol. Got to be

OMG, when I went to the page I read that as 86 THOUSAND and thought the whole world went crazy.

Honestly there are many, many worse ways for a lottery winner to blow their money. Make your own game? Sure, why not. Someone talk him into aiming for a 2d flash based RPG or something instead that he could theoretically actually fund.

Well that’s how NOT to do a Kickstarter project.

Also, does that guy even know what it costs to make an MMO?

I’d think so, but the interview with “Bunky” Bartlett seems legit.

“A smart investor has partners,” Bartlett told me in an e-mail. “I will be investing as well. This also helps me to see if there is actual interest in the type of game I am proposing.”

I asked if he’s ever worked in game development before.

“I have not, but I never owned an investment company or a pizza shop before, but I do now,” Bartlett said. “I am the idea man. I think it, get other investors, and hire the right people to make it happen. Been playing games since Pong. I know what I like and what others have said they would like. I will hire those needed to make it a reality.”

Not sure if the guy is a troll, a scammer, an attention whore or just stupid.

He’s a “practicing Wiccan.” Draw your own conclusions.

Heh. Let’s see. Loaded monthly headcount cost is say $10K for a real shoe-string startup in poor part of the country. He wants to make a game with 110 months of staff time budgeted? Good luck…

There was a day in which a moderately rich person – someone with a few million to spend, but not super-rich – could start up a small studio and maybe crank out a few games before losing interest and letting it fail. Not any more. Now you need to be super-rich or have VCs.

His estimated delivery date for the rewards is July 2014. So with a million bucks he’s going to pay a development team for ~2 years. Let’s assume he finds people who will work super cheap (say an average of $40k each) and assume that salaries are his only cost to simplify things, that means he has a team of ~14 to produce what appears to be a full featured MMO in two years.

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You still can as long as your scale is realistic. It’s essentially how the studio where I work is funded. I don’t think it’s ever been the case where a ‘moderately rich person’ could self fund a game with the scale of ‘all the good things in Second life, World of Warcraft, Rift, SWTOR and the like all rolled up into one game’.

E. All of the above.

He doesn’t have a video up on his page either, which I thought you needed. what a joke

Wow, this is pretty shocking as far as how bad kickstarter’s vetting standards have slid. Shame it isn’t even more legit, B’more has a pretty sweet tech startup scene and a few active game dev studios too. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about it after having moved to northern MD from NJ.

up to $139
which one of you guys contributed?

Sorry that was me… i thought I was subsidizing Pajanimals Hunter