Kickstarter for Battledroid, a f2p pvp autobattler

So I realised that there’s a list view in the Inventory tab with sortable columns and I kind of wish I could see some of that in-game just because sometimes I want a bunch of cheap units to fill out spaces or hit the limit! I definitely see the value in the grid view though for eyeballing familiar units.

I’ve been finding a lot of the hotkeys very intuitive with X and C for cutting and copying, and then when I’m moving things around C and Z for rotating them. Ctrl + Z even undoes things, even after testing. Marquee and Ctrl click selecting. Obviously WASD for panning, hold right click for moving the camera around. Ctrl + wheel for lens zoom. Some really nice touches.

With a few successful attacks I’m definitely getting into the flow of this now and it’s really something seeing certain battles play out. I’m starting to get a feel for which turrets and droids do what too. I love the zoom function: nice wide angle for editing and getting a better view of everything, zoom back in to watch the action. My head is starting to stew on possible defence layouts and droid combos now, which is a good sign.

If anyone wants a crack at my three territories, I’m in the midlands, UK, and my patches are called Tea, Toast and Butter. My last victory:

The biggest bug I’ve found which has cropped up on each play session, and I think I’ve worked out how to reproduce it (more testing required): win a territory then immediately try to deploy some defences after testing successfully. Each time I’ve found that I can’t get out of the Test/Deploy stage (greyed out buttons) without Aborting entirely.

If I put a droid down, I can Test and Launch but Deploy gives me an error:

Once I’m trapped in that stage, I can’t go back to Edit to copy my defences to the clipboard either. I’ve learnt to copy to clipboard before testing now but it’s a bit of bummer when you forget! I know this is in alpha so I’m just raising this so it can be looked into :) Going back to the map, redeploying and pasting from clipboard does the trick though.

New log here if it helps!

Sometimes fights don’t end quickly…

I’m really happy you’re having a bit of fun with it and we’re barely scratching the surface of what we could do with the game!

That deployment bug is known and a the top of the to-do list… it’s a right bugger though, really hairy bit of code.

We could possibly have a toggle to turn the inventory list into a list view in the Battle screen but I’m wondering just how many people would ever notice/find it…

Cas :slight_smile:

Had a crack at “Jam”… buggered if I could get through :stuck_out_tongue: Spent all my silver trying to defeat you and had to give up. I will return, with bigger guns.

Ohhh! Haha, I think that’s my income hex!

I’m guessing I can watch folks’ failed attempts? I know what I’ll be doing when I get home…

Just fixed all kinds of stupid bugs in things and rejigged the map a lot…

Bloody hell, you weren’t messing about!

So assaulting enemy positions is a lot of fun, defending and testing is a lot of fun, then watching the fireworks from others trying to beat your defences is a lot of fun. Actually, just the fireworks in general are a joy to watch and I love the lighting at night, especially with the little orange street lights.

I had a few hiccups in the win replays where the simulations showed my assaults… fail, and there were a couple more where big units just seemed to stall.

I love the replay function though. Very educational and entertaining!

Yeah I spent a fortune attacking you :smiley: well I would have, if I couldn’t print money… brilliant defence though.

The replay is a bit buggy at the mo… it should be 100% deterministic but there’s some bit somewhere that goes very slightly differently. Which is cool because with just one tiny change in the order of things, the battle has a completely different outcome, which shows what a knife-edge balance it can be.

In other news … the Kickstarter is doing really badly and looks like it might fail :( We have 3 days to raise £10k. Tell your friends! Especially your rich friends! Even more, especially rich ugly friends, because pledging to Battledroid makes people super attractive! Seriously … we need help :expressionless:

Cas :slight_smile:

I was waiting for payday to properly pledge. But thanks for the reminder!

I hope you guys pull it off. You (your games and your posts) are one of the reasons I got into the industry.

And the game looks pretty much my thing. Looking forward to the launch.

That was exactly my thinking!

I really hope you’re able to hit your target and I’ll continue letting folk know about it wherever I can. I was a bit apprehensive when I started the demo but I can totally see what you folks are going for now and it’s bonkers and very cool.

Just a little bit more!

Holy shit! It was around £20,000 last night before bed then I wake up to that. Incredible!

Seems we’ve had a bit of a flurry of sponsorship overnight…

It looks pretty cool. I will give the demo a shot. Do you choose a team to play for or is it everyone against the world?

Gratz! That was a real nail-biter for a while there, but I glad to know Kickstarter can still come through for a project this impressive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the final product turns out!

Was a bit nail-bitey for a while yes… in fact about 90% of the campaign where it just seemed to flatline. Then, er, saved by a whale.

Right now it’s everyone for themselves! The demo’s rather limited, just showing off a bit of the explody stuff.

Cas :slight_smile:

I signed up to be notified if anyone managed to take my turf and… well, the email didn’t disappoint.


Goodbye Toast!

I’ve uninstalled the demo now but looking forward to jumping back in closer to release.