[Kickstarter] Game recommendations

I like to sift through the tabletop games section of Kickstarter and look for projects that interest me. I don’t back as many as I used to, but usually a designer whose work I’ve enjoyed the past will draw me in. Small Box Games always gets my backing, for example. I love their indie games.

Also, I do enjoy the occasional ambitious game that explodes and begins to offer a fantastic value over retail via the stretch rewards (Myth, Shadows of Brimstone, the Reaper Bones projects, to name a few I’ve backed because of that).

Right now I’m only backing a small game called Tiny Epic Kingdoms. But I’m always looking for suggestions.

Any others out there that folks are excited for?

Would you include games where the Kickstarter ended but one can still support through paypal etc?

If so I am looking forward to Burning Suns.

I believe Fief is still going and looks pretty interesting. Medieval war, politics and intrigue. Kind of Crusader Kings-y. Supposedly very well received in France, and this is kickstarting the English release. There’s a ton of stretch expansions being bundled for free, and they’ve said after the Kickstarter that stuff will be bundled at a price of $65, so there’s significant value there if the game is any good.

Whoa, that does look fun. I’ve been interested in Freedom for a while too, and it appears you can get that as part of the 130 pledge.


Yeah there’s just too much included in Fief for me to pass it up. I’m currently backing Convicted too but not sure if I’ll see it through. Will depend on how the campaign goes.

I had started to back Convicted, but when I realized I needed to pay for shipping as well, I backed out. Plus, the fact that it’s being translated/produced by a Polish maker made me a bit nervous. If it takes off, I’ll probably pick up a copy that’s sold through an American distributor who’s had a chance to localize it.