Kickstarting and Screaming

As recommended in the Shadowrun Kickstarter thread, this is more of a general discussion about new/old Kickstarter projects. Post any gaming ones that are announced!

Perhaps I’ll keep a list of the more illustrious ones. Who knows?

Here’s some new projects to definitely back:

Jane Jensen has a Kickstarter for some new adventure games

Jordan Weisman is making a new Shadowrun that isn’t an FPS

I am backing both projects, however the Jane Jensen project is an interesting situation. The project is a bit more nebulous because there isn’t an actual defined product at this point.

I must say, the video pitches on both of these projects were very well done.

I posted this in the Shadowrun thread, but I’ll say it again here - I believe every game deserves its own thread, and not to get burried in a list of other Kickstarter projects. Just my two cents.

I would like to link this video. It’s a prototype of a space action game also influenced by Elite, done by Sidhe (they made Shatter), which was stalled by lack of money, but they are saying now that perhaps they will do a Kickstarter.

I think this possible KS is already over other ones, as they have a real prototype which they can show, they are not selling smoke.

The Leisure Larry thread.

Takedown, the “hardcore tactical fps” got their objective just before the deadline.

Whilst I do agree with you, in the case of games by noted game designers from the past, there are some projects like Valdis Story which aren’t by big names like Wasteland 2 nor have they won IGF or whatever awards like FTL nor are they getting picked up by RPS and its equivalents like The Banner Saga.

So these titles kind of slip through the cracks. I don’t think it would need its own thread but also I’d like to tell other people about it. Are these things not allowed to live?

You’re killing me, Bleed. You’re killing them!

Valdis Story A.C. is a side scrolling action adventure for P.C. with an emphasis on intricate and rewarding combat as well as deep play style customization. The player will assume the role of Wyatt as they explore the ruins of a holy city that was lost many years ago. Wyatt must battle various types of demons, angels, and a new threat tentatively known as “Ferals” using swordsmanship, martial arts, and sorcery. There are many customizable skills and equipment that will aid Wyatt on his journey.

damn, Larsen mentioned it seconds before me.

Great minds, TurinTur.

The problem with these great Kickstarters is that 2013 is becoming the Year of the PC for me. Sony and Microsoft may as well wait until 2014 because I won’t have time for any new consoles.

Cognition, a thriller graphical adventure

An episodic story in the spirit of Dexter and Heavy Rain, Cognition stars Erica Reed, an FBI agent in Boston, Massachusetts, who lost her brother years ago to a serial killer who was never caught. In the high-stress hunt to save him, she began developing the strange and uncontrolled power of post-cognition: by touching an object, she can see its past, events that happened on, to, or around it.

And let’s link The Banner Saga, commenting they already have 300K, even if they only asked for 100k.

Post-cognition doesn’t sound terribly useful. “I see that this VCR was made … in Korea.”

Aw, now I feel all guilty and shit!

Hey, new Jane Jensen stuff. I never got around to playing Gray Matter after waiting for it for 10+ years, but I’ll be interested to see where that one ends up.

You should remedy that. Gray Matter was an enjoyable Jensen-y adventure. Play it while you are waiting for the kickstarters.

Thanks to the OP for the heads up on that one. I’ll take a look tonight.


We would love to do Gabriel Knight in the near future. Because that IP does not belong to us, it’s not a given. Having our own studio, and successfully shipping a title, will make obtaining the rights more likely than ever before.

I’m in.

Hey look at that, someone in GAF made the hard job. A summary:

Open kickstarters

  • Tex Murphy (details coming soon)
  • Aura Tactics ($5,000 | Ends Apr 6th) TARGET REACHED
  • College-Ruled Universe ($6,000 | Ends Apr 7th) TARGET REACHED
  • Wasteland 2 ($900,000 | Ends Apr 17th) TARGET REACHED
  • The Banner Saga ($100,000 | Ends Apr 20th ) TARGET REACHED
  • Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe for the PSP® system ($500,000 | Ends Apr 27th)
  • Valdis Story: Abyssal City ($8,000 | Ends Apr 27th) TARGET REACHED
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Adventure Mysteries ($55,000 | Ends Apr 28th)
  • City Conquest: Tower Defense Evolved ($10,000 | Ends Apr 29th)
  • Shadowrun Returns ($400,000 |Ends Apr 29th)
  • The Dead Linger ($60,000 | Ends Apr 29th)
  • Nekro ($100,000 | Ends Apr 4th)
  • Starlight Inception™ ($150,000 | Ends May 8th)
  • Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road 2012-2013 CSG ($300,000 | Ends May 19th)

Funded Projects

  • Auditorium 2: Duet ($71,061 )
  • Double Fine Adventure ($3,336,371)
  • TAKEDOWN ($221,833)
  • FTL: Faster Than Light ($200,542)
  • Americana Dawn ($4,791)
  • Guncraft: Voxel-based First Person Shooter ($16,487)
  • TAKEDOWN ($221,833)
  • Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game ($25,274)
  • Rock Vibe - Accessible Gaming ($17,400)
  • Zoneplex - A Board Game Adventure in an Alien Pyramid ($13,459)
  • UFHO2 - A Turn-based Strategy Game ($10,872)
  • Guns of Icarus Online ($35,237)
  • Pixel Sand ($13,616)
  • Code Hero: A Game That Teaches You To Make Games ($170,954)
  • The Departure Game App ($8,014)

That looks pretty great. It’s cut a little too quick to tell for sure, but the action looks like it has a nice visceral feeling.

Where is the Dungeon Keeper 3 kickstarter already?

I’m going broke backing all these things. But they all look great!

Like two years from now I’m going to have SO many games.