Kickstarting and Screaming

Dead Matter, has been delayed once again. Now they are putting the release of the Alpha at “summer” but they refuse to be specific.

The brief history is :

The KS began July 2017, offered the closed Alpha in 6 months.
Nov 2017 they stated they needed another year.
Nov 2018 they stated they needed 2-3 more months
March 2019 they now say “summer” (purposely unspecific).

KS originally raised over $210K after asking for $45K.
Continuous Indie GoGo has raised almost an additional $300K.

In two weeks, two former Raven devs will be launching a Kickstarter for their promising retro shooter Prodeus. I haven’t backed anything for years, but I’m keen to support the indie FPS movement.

The campaign’s live. Prodeus has already reached a 5th of the funding goal so it’s off to a decent start!

And backed. Thank you!

No, thank you for supporting the indie FPS renaissance!

I got my Legacy Edition reissue of The Fantasy Trip today, which Steve Jackson Games released via Kickstarter!

No, it’s not a video game. Ha ha

You running a campaign? How do we sign up?

Thanks so much! Every bit helps. It’s been such a long time since we wanted to go indie, the potential success of this kickstarter will help us continue our goal.

The pleasure is all on this side of the table. ;) I mean y’all had me at Raven. ;)


I feel this should be more prominently highlighted on their page!


(Looks like they are in trouble as far as making their goal, and time is short)

From the Kickstarter page:
Rise into glory by running your caravan from the Roman Empire to war-torn Three Kingdoms China. Defend yourself from bandits, sandstorms, and rebellions by hiring Advisors skilled in everything from battle to wayfinding. Fall in love with your own unique party of Advisors and the enchanting world of the Ancient Silk Road in 200 AD.

Silk is a Sandbox RPG Adventure Game and a tribute to the late Mike Singleton, especially his groundbreaking 1984 game The Lords of Midnight.

The engine used to produce the world of Silk has an identical design to the original ‘landscaping engine’ he designed, although it uses 2D assets rendered in Unity to create a more vibrant feeling wilderness with retro roots and a contemporary lo-fi vibe. All the exploration and warfare of the original will be here, along with trading and recruiting Advisors who make up an RPG party inspired by the Clan Ring of King of Dragon Pass.

There’s a demo for PC, Linux, and Mac

Spellcaster University

(Lots of time to go, and they look well on their way to making their goal.)

From the Kickstarter page:
In Spellcaster University, you take on the role of a magic university director in a world of heroic fantasy full of angry orcs and fanatical inquisitors. Build your school, manage your budget, recruit teachers. Will you make it a high place of black magic, with the best teachers of necromancy and demonology? Or a place in harmony with nature to train druids and shamans? Or why not train adventurous mages, offering them options to learn to fight and be discreet? But this will require surviving the ruthless attacks of the Orc tribes and the controls of the education authorities.

Spellcaster University is a management game: you build your school, manage the budget, appoint teachers. But it is also a “card driven” game: all your constructions, your improvements, are played with the help of cards. You draw these cards from different decks linked to different magic schools.

Manage the well-being of your students by building refectories, dormitories, rest rooms… but also their discipline, by building a dungeon for example…

Customize your rooms with powerful artifacts such as Xar’Saroth’s raclette machine or the Soul Devouring Bed. Everyone has a unique power that will help you improve your university.

Fill your school with legendary creatures: dragons, fauns, pegasus, janitors… they each bring different bonuses. If used properly, they will make your university glorious.

Compose your pedagogical team by choosing your teachers wisely, according to their pedagogy, alignment, personality traits…

Select your students carefully. Traits, personality, alignment, wealth… each of these aspects has its importance. Especially wealth.

Offer your students a glorious future: at the end of their studies, you discover their destiny (necromancer, archimage, peasant…) according to the success of their studies, and win new bonuses. These bonuses can follow you throughout the campaign, so form them well!

Open specialized classes to make your students more effective. Each class allows you to define a program, but also special features that will be shared by all the students in the class. Why not make a class of nerds, sportsmen, or with the most beautiful?

For PC only. There is a demo.

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Cheapass Games, the venerable-but-also-kind-of-uneven-but-also-it-was-1996-so-still-pretty-impressive game company run by celebrity game designer James Ernest has announced a Kickstarter book compiling the rules and design notes on all their games:

They’ll be releasing print-and-play versions of many of the games, one-a-day, as the campaign continues.

That makes sense. They obviously have the files- they were pretty much print-and-play to begin with… it was just James and his friends that were doing the printing and cutting. I remember the cards were often held together by what was clearly a taped, glossy strip of paper cut from the Sunday paper ad section. Give Me The Brain and Witch Trial were personal faves.

Looks good, gonna keep an eye on this if it gets kickstarted.

Prodeus just announced that all PC keys also get a console key included. So PC and Switch version in my case then! I like this smart thinking. Campaign is coming along quite well, two-thirds funded with two weeks to go.

No Kickstarter funding for nearly two years, and then two in the same month (this and Silk). It must be the coffee.

This seems potentially intriguing:

Basically, a competitive legacy game of maneuvering vampire clans through seven centuries of European history using the classic White Wolf license. Seems like an ideal license for legacy design. Pricey, though.

So there’s some awareness around that Patreon has been host to some quite lucrative porn game making for the past few years.

One of them has now made the big pledge charts on Kickstarter as well - outpledging some of the big successes Divinity 2, Kingdom Come, Shadowrun, and apparently even the original run of Star Citizen.

I almost kicked to Subverse, because it’s a space game…buuuuuuut I felt weird, so I didn’t.