Kickstarting and Screaming

Goddamn that does sound cool. What the heck is an

Itch is another store. Has been around a long time. More in the indie side of things. Let’s sellers set their own margins too. Has also other things then PC games. Though not a huge budget to market the selves.

Because while Valve doesn’t in practice limit the number of Steam keys you can generate and distribute, they do require the game to be also sold on Steam.

If you’re a fan of Endeavour: Age of Sail and wanted more, then good news! The expansion Kickstarter is live! But only for two weeks:

Is Endeavor: Age of Sail the same game as the original Endeavor? Just a new edition?

Yeah, they Kickstarted a new edition of the game a year or so ago.

I’m currently playing Supraland which is really great, a kind of first person metroidvania / zelda-like with lots of interesting puzzles, some combat and smart level design, secrets everywhere. I recommend at least checking out the demo. Anyway, sequel Kickstarter just launched. Considering I’d never even heard of this game two weeks ago, it won me over enough to KS it.

A team of former AAA devs in Montreal are making AWAY, a real-world survival game where you play a sugar glider (flying possum). It looks to be doing what the Shelter games have attempted, but without their odd art style and sometimes limited gameplay.

DFor some strange reason I thought AWAY was a boardgame and I was all cited about it since my nephew is really into boardgames and one about nature would be extra pertinent for him. So it’s a bummer that it’s a PC game.

Then I think this is the Kickstarter you might have missed. (Not mentioning it to rub it in, but so you know it exists and can get it at retail.)

Thanks for linking that… it looks pretty interesting and possibly a good fit for our gaming group.

This sounds awesome with the right group of people.

That looks like fun!

It’s worker placement season on Kickstarter.

New edition of Pret a Porter:

Dinogenics reprint + inveitable expansion:

Decided to go through my still pending release Kickstarters, here is what I am still waiting for:

Still look good:
ASYLUM: From the designer of Scratches (ongoing , 2020 release?)
Witchmarsh (ongoing , 2020 release?)
Ray’s the Dead (ongoing , 2020 release?)
BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION (ongoing , 2020 release?)
DARKSIDE DETECTIVE S2 (ongoing , 2020 release?)
Nighthawks - The Vampire RPG (ongoing , 2020 release?)

Dead, money lost…
The Mandate (DEAD)
That Which Sleeps (DEAD)
Limit Theory: An Infinite, Procedural Space Game (DEAD)

After backing a few dozen games between 2012 and 2015… I didn’t back any games in 2016. And only 1 game in 2017, backed 2 games in 2018, and 2019 is half over with me not backing anything new.

Still coming…eventually?

  • SpaceVenture


  • Last Life
  • Coolest Cooler
  • Outerlands documentary??

This is a useful exercise to do every now and then, and a good reality check!

I still back occasional projects on KS, three this year so far. Probably because my success rate overall has been pretty good, and the ones that released have been mostly satisfying.

So, in my current wait queue…

Supraland 2 (I only just backed this, it’s funded, campaign has another two weeks, estimated 2021)
Prodeus (active development, core game is solid, building levels, on for 2019 and seems likely to hit at least an EA release)
Silk (active development, quiet devs but it’s still on for 2019, seems reasonable)
Beautiful Desolation (active development, Chris’ twitter shows plenty of progress, 2019 still seems possible)
Lost Ember (nearly done, they just pushed the release back a few weeks for polishing, so another couple of months seems likely)
System Shock (remake) (regularly monthly updates although progress isn’t that rapid, still showing off level concept art; at least a year off)
Saurian (fairly active development, in EA but I haven’t checked it out in ages, less hopeful about this going the distance)
Star Command Galaxies (I assumed this was dead but they did release an update in May, it’s just glacially slow, but as they changed direction over their KS plans I’m not exactly hanging out for this one)
Drifter (another glacially slow project, but it’s one guy doing it in their spare time so it’s very much original concept Kickstarter; was a release last month so maybe one day).

Dead or zombie-state…

Bit Odyssey (formerly Tiny Trek) (in EA but 4+ years since last update, dev “still working on it” as of March 2018, but unlike Drifter above you get the sense they’re not really trying so I’m calling it effectively dead); at least it was only 5 bucks
Limit Theory (damn, I’d forgotten about this one, what a shame)
Star Citizen (you know what? I don’t even want it at this stage, its reputation is shot; it’s not even getting the bold font treatment, but the more ignominious italics)


Oh, look. A gigantic open-world MMORPG in the style of a GTAV roleplaying server asking for a little over $78k as the goal. Totally doable with a teeny indie crew, with some team members just out of high school, right?

Blew past its funding goal and hit $193K, because people are gullible.

Suspended by Kickstarter.

I confess I don’t understand why anyone believes a good MMO can be made on a Kickstarter budget.

A couple new coop boardgame Kickstarters that may be worth a look:

From the Tainted Grail/Nemesis/Lords of Hellas/This War of Mine (boardgame) etc people and the designer of Neuroshima Hex. Looks cool, is doing gangbusters. Still a little while as of this writing to get the day one bonus if you’re so inclined.

A new expansion for Dice Throne (which I love so far as a light dicey PvP game) that turns it into a randomized dungeon crawler compatible with all 16 season 1 and 2 characters, along with a production upgrade for season 1 characters to match season 2, and 2 print and play characters officially printed.

Of the two, I’d back Dice Throne for sure, but as a sucker I also backed Etherfields.