Kickstarting and Screaming

I went to the site shortly after getting the e-mail. At that time, they were already funded.

They did put up a trial version of their kickstarter a few days ago, inviting those of us who kickstarter their previous game to see the campaign, and give feedback - maybe thats the reason?

This thing annoys me. My FB feed is full of ads for them- click on one or two because they tease something interesting, but then they’re “sign up for an email when we launch”. No. Just put up a KS page when it’s done, and I’ll evaluate from there. Or possibly not, since you’ve already annoyed me.

The Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter is live!

If that isn’t enough cyberpunk for you, already funded

The Kickstarter for Oath: Chronicles of Empire linked a couple weeks ago had none either:

Nice. I really like that approach. Orange Nebula have learned from Vindication and are now focusing on engaging with the community in fun projects that add content for everyone during the campaign. Nobody has to pledge more for great of missing out, but it gives them lots of opportunities to post updates about the stuff being created and keep people engaged.

I like that Leder showed the same respect to backers. More of that please.

12 Hours

Is this their first 3d game? Don’t see that listed in the ‘risks and challenges’. Looks quite a bit higher budget that their other games.

W101 at 1.25 million already.

Excited. I think Geneforge is Spiderweb’s best and most unique series and the original is getting reeeal long in the tooth.

It was long in the tooth about 2010 or so. Whenever Vogel did his “I will support modern resolutions largely coherently” engine update (which was late Geneforge/early Avernum remakes if memory serves). Now it’s waaaaaay past that, I reckon.

The good, unsurprising news is that it’s almost there day 1 (26k and counting). There’s already promise of new content in the base game. If a 75k stretch goal is hit, there will be an entire new area with multiple zones + new story (ideas cut from the original apparently).

Marvel United has 15 minutes left. Lots of stretch goals unlocked, which is tempting me.

Going to pledge $1 on this and see how the next month goes with updates, etc. I’m also tempted by all the stretch goals but lack of any reviews of the gameplay, etc, makes me leery. I believe that’s CMON policy though with their KS.

Fully co-op sci-fi boardgame on KS that I just backed for $1 to get the stupid “Initial 72-hour” bonus- I’ll decide if I want to keep it later when I figure out how impacted I am by this coronavirus thing. That’s good for another 10 hours or so (Friday 7am PST).

They’ve been describing in in their ads as “Gloomhaven meets X-Wing”, a mix of piloting spaceships around fighting AI enemies, doing predefined maneuvers (like X-Wing, but on a hex map) leveling them up, etc., and doing ‘away missions’ on foot. There’s a big, branching campaign, etc. Two different pledge levels, one with enemy ship minis, and a cheaper one with standees.

OMG you guys, a new edition of the Fading Suns pen and paper RPG!

No stretch goal for an Emperor of the Fading Suns remake, no sale.

I played in PnP campaigns (ok, one campaign, I think) in this universe with the original set of rules. Loved it. Loved EotFS too, even with all of its flaws, and yeah, I’d LOVE a reboot of that game. But only if they did it right, and I think it would be a heavy lift. I think Harebrained could do it, or someone like that perhaps.

That’s how I discovered Quarter to Three in the first place!

The makers of The Messenger have put their next game on Kickstarter, and I think it looks stupendous. I’d call it a Chrono Trigger-like JRPG, but with advanced lighting and surprisingly smooth and varied navigation. The same composer is back, too, which is definitely good news.