Kickstarting and Screaming

I’m also a bit tempted by The Witcher: Old World, finding myself torn between it and Space Kraken. But I may have found the tipping point toward The Witcher:


Figured this was unique enough to throw a buck to:

The Bard Chronicles: A Dungeons and Dragons Rap Album, via @Kickstarter The Bard Chronicles: A Dungeons and Dragons Rap Album by Dizzy Roseblade — Kickstarter

It looks like a fun little project. And the demo video was surprisingly entertaining, if you enjoy rap, of course.

This looks cool. I may back this.

This looks interesting, and there’s a demo coming out June 16th:

I always find it interesting what people find “realistic” for space warfare. Presumably you’re already doing something “unrealistic” if there are space battleships out there in the first place, after all. That said, I understand that the “WWII fighter planes in space” approach of Star Wars is definitely unrealistic. I just find it hard to believe we’re going to come up with a “realistic” vision of space warfare before it actually happens.

Sorry for being pedantic, I’m actually honestly intrigued by claims of “realism” in space because it usually means they’re at least attempting something different. Which is great! And necessary.

Yeah, from what little I have read about it, “realistic” warfare in space would likely be totally computer controlled, fully automated, and happen at distances and speeds well outside human abilities to follow. Or wouldn’t happen at all.

You apparently haven’t had first contact with Homo Sapiens Sapiens yet.

Heh, the implication I took from that comment is that it would happen “outside” of space, which is to say that conflict would be “resolved” on planets (or moons or stations or whatever), or between them.

Heh, well, yes, humans will find a way to kill each other, for sure. I’m just not sure it will be with Space Admiral Nelson laying his starship alongside the enemy!

What @ooomalley said.

Yeah apologies:-)

I saw the dual meanings and just went with the one that setup my lame joke.

Don’t get me wrong–I love lame jokes. By all means, carry on!

Actually, I’d say that would be pretty dependent upon your tech level - a lower tech level probably wouldn’t happen at speeds that humans couldn’t follow. Regarding distances, on earth we are already at distances “humans can’t follow” because we use radar and can attack beyond distances humans can physically see. Also it’s hard to say what is “realistic” given the use of technologies in SF that don’t even exist.

Well, yeah, it’s all speculation. Stuff already happens too fast for humans–the Navy’s AEGIS stuff and its successors, designed for fleet anti-missile work, is one example, for sure. The hardest thing about naval warfare is finding the enemy and getting in range before he finds and hits you. In space, this would be multiplied by I dunno how many orders of magnitude. Low tech level spacefaring societies (what a weird concept that is!) would only be able to fight each other around planets or other fixed points, sort of like ancient galley fleets I imagine.

Is we are talking “realistic” space combat… there ain’t no stealth in space (warning, link is a rabbit hole full of lost productivity. You have been warned)

Cool stuff. Makes a great case too. Of course, space is still freakin’ vast, and while you can’t necessarily “stealth” a ship, it would be damn hard to locate one in the middle of nowhere. Sort of like on Earth’s oceans–it’s when you you get close enough to stuff to actually do anything meaningful that you can be found. It doesn’t do anyone much good to sit in the middle of the ocean undetected, as you can’t do much there!

Hey @BiggerBoat I got my codes for the physical discounts on Ironsworn at DriveThruRPG, and have everything stacked in the cart.

Then I read Lodestar was planned for an update at the end of 2020 - is that happening anytime soon? I’d hate to get everything delivered only to see it updated the day after lol… :)

Probably not anytime soon.

I want to see how this wirebound reference guide works out first, since I think it’s a better format for at-the-table.

But Lodestar is I think around $3.50 pay-what-you-want in print, so not too much harm in grabbing it cheap. It’s still helpful, and I’m planning on putting out some PDF inserts for Delve stuff that are the same format.

Thanks, it’s cheap but I was more concerned about having to pay shipping again to Australia just for that.

I also wish there was some way to get the cards at a reasonable price outside of the US, it’s the only thing I’ll be missing! :)

Yeah, definitely don’t do it unless you are combining with something else.

And I do wish DriveThru had a better option for the cards outside of the US. Hopefully someday!