Kickstarting and Screaming


For the US, no word yet on EU or other areas.


Watch them all have water damage, cards are missing or something awful.


Oh man…



I am not sure if self promotion is allowed, but our kickstarter project just went live.



That actually looks pretty good!


Thank you.

We have an opening day jitter but the team are excited to show what they have been up to the last 1 year.



@joesys - A brief glance has that looking very impressive. Will give it more in-depth look a little later. I know you’re probably very busy, but I’d like to hear more about the Indonesia backdrop for the studio.


Really nice presentation, @joesys! You can definitely see the passion your team has for the game in the Kickstarter writeup. And the game’s looking great so far! The morality angle sounds potentially really cool.

Anyway, I’m in!


@jpinard Is there anything specific you would like to know? From our point of view, it’s a little prosaic in the sense Indonesia is happened to be where we are all are.

Most of the game development studio here concentrates on mobile games with retro 2d art, but the industry starts to develop its talent as there are a couple of studio venturing into 3d PC/Console games. My biggest challenge when we started was finding the talents needed to realize our vision.


Thanks @DennyA.

While this may be decades too late, I’d like to thank you for your excellent articles on all sorts of flight simulations (the one I recall on top of my mind was the falcon 4.0 article) back in cgw days. It formed part of my childhood and and that magazine played a big part of me turning into gaming enthusiast who wished one day to publish his own game. :-)


Aw, heck, @joesys, you just made my day! Glad you enjoyed them. Those were great times.

And the timing isn’t too late, it’s perfect, as most people nowadays don’t know I was once geek-famous. :)


Bull and shit I say unto you, good sir.


Jesus, finally!

Although it has been kind of a kick to see how this game progressed from a little GameMaker deal some years back.

Oh, yeah, and based on the panicky Kickstarter progress mail I received on the SysShock remake, man, people were really losing their shit over the pre-pre-pre-pre-Alpha Unreal video. Jesus, people, the game is two years off. Chill.


I will be interested to see how it turns out but I didn’t back for System Shock as rendered through modern design sensibilities, I backed for System Shock but prettier and with a modern UI. So the idea that it’s now a reboot is not a great sign for me.


Mages of Mystralia.

This one has 16 days to go and already has 4x its goal. Looks interesting and has Ed Greenwoods name attached to it. Sure wish they could have came up with a better name though.


And it’s now out on Steam.

Is anyone playing it? Should a thread be created for it?


I was considering starting a new thread for Cosmic Star Heroine, but then I figured it might not be popular enough to sustain one. I got the email to download from Steam, looking forward to trying it out.


Combat system seems neat so far. Many interlocking pieces as you’re trying to line up buffs and debuffs and ability cycles with HYPER MODE (ugh) to do massive damage, as to the underbelly of a giant crab. It’s a little overwhelming in terms of things you have to keep top-of-brain at first, might be okay with more familiarity.

The artists sure miss Final Fantasy VI. And shitty anime. But that’s the demo, I suppose.


Beware, guys, Cosmic Star Heroine might (GASP!) star a FEMALE


I hope the next game he buys turns out to be nothing but a gay love story.