Kickstarting and Screaming


Be careful. Did you check out the Prototype gallery? It is very slow on the most easily etched surfaces like paper and candy. The leather engraving and chair was sped up at least 10x or more. Batch work, like someone doing 3 dozen cupcakes is going to take longer to engrave than to actually bake and frost.

It seems deceptive when the primary marketing doesn’t show real time events. They left out engraving wood or leather from the prototype shots because maybe people wouldn’t consider it a good option for those materials after seeing it take 20 minutes to engrave a Darwin fish on a piece of wood. They’re marketing it like a workshop laser when in reality its just an expensive toy.


I too noticed the engraving time and thought they were being more than a little dishonest in particular when showing it being used to engrave a pancake in a cafe setting (either that or that cafe has the world’s most patient customers).


I missed the kickstarter, but I dig the feature pitch and setting. Struck me as something like Dayz meets Project Zomboid or something. I’ll be interested to see what happens with it and I think I’d be pretty thrilled if they pulled it off.


Check this:

If you don’t know this guy, watch a few of his other vids - he does tool tear downs and evaluates their construction. I am not sure of his background, but he sure seems to know his material, electrical and industrial engineering. His take on this thing is not positive.

His Juicero review is awesome, btw:


Thanks for that BOLTR Juicero link, was pretty interesting to watch how over-designed that piece was.

Edit: Watching one about the Blendtec now - good stuff.


Did not realize the AvE guy did Kickstarter reviews. He’s pretty great.


I am such a 7D2D junkie, I could not resist. I am nervous about the phrase “Steam in six months”. What they have pitched is pretty involved, and some of the stretch goals quite complex. fingers are crossed.


On the positive side, it is based on a prior Crysis mod from what I gather and the main developer said they’ve been getting some pretty nice communication with Epic regarding the engine and questions that come up.

They come across as fellas that want to get things done and avoid the huge stigma of stagnant development hell. I’ll cross my fingers and hope that they succeed because I would love one of this kind of game to really nail it AND not be an online only pvp shitboners festival.


Thanks for the Cubiio vid. I’m keeping my pledge, am ok with toy level engraving. I saw the raster looked like shit earlier, its not a surprise to me. Don’t go in expecting a glowforge…


Not a game, but this one is getting some press.

frank. - An Indiegogo project for a $180 smartphone that supposedly takes on the big guys. You know how they’re sincere? Because they drop the f-bomb a lot in their pitch.

It’s about time to disrupt the shit out of the North American smartphone industry because let’s be honest, it’s just not frank that the Big Guys charge $1,000 for a product that only costs around $150 to make.

frank. comes packed with high specs at a low cost just for you!

It isn’t revolutionary, but it is pretty fucking awesome!

frank isn’t just quick, it’s actually pretty fucking fast.

Oh, but wait.

The phone in the campaign is literally a rebrand of a phone available on Ali Baba



The digital conversion of Evolution is up on Kickstarter.

I thought Apple only gave devs a very limited number of free codes, which is why we don’t see ios games on Kickstarter, usually. Has something changed recently?


Frank is also the best movie I ever saw about a man with a papier mache head.


Welp, my wife juust asked me to post this here. I learned about it minutes ago! It was created by a friend of hers who is running the Kickstarter.

A card game w beautiful ukiyo-e style Japanese art. I know very little about it. It’s already funded, and the funding ends in 3 days. It’s described as a “pick one, play one” fast paced game for 2-6 players. Check it out of you’re interested.



“Doing the math, it seems like the winning move is to sit back, let the brave souls sort out the wheat from the chaff, and pay the eBay tax when a winner comes along”

Seems right. Although the headline is hardly going to attract clicks $16K is not a particularly expensive games collection, or even an expensive hobby.


Uh, what?

$16,000 over 2.5 years is a VERY expensive games collection. And a very expensive hobby.

Honestly, I cannot think of a hobby I’d even want to spend over $6,000 a year on. Other than maybe travel, but I don’t consider that a hobby and can’t afford to spend that anyway, and I have a good income.


Pfft :) I used to be an Astronomer $16K ? That’s hardly getting started! :) I imagine golfers, car lovers, gun enthusiasts or boat owners might also scoff. Let alone drinkers… :)


Considering that’s just about half of my pretax income, consider me thoroughly on the “16,000 hobby is batshit crazy” train.


Adding together all the boardgames, computer games and computers I’ve bought, including an alienware laptop (overpriced, don’t buy alienware guys, their support sucks) and all the various mobile phones, and it’s probably adding up to $16000 or £12000.

Over the course of 14 years…😀

I mean, I went to spiel essen and spent maybe € 300, including the entrance over 2 days…


$16,000 over 30 months (2.5 years) is just over $530 per month. That’s like a car payment for a nice model brand new car, not “hobby money”. Given that most board/card games tend to cost between $40 and $80 brand new, you could potentially purchase 2 brand new games per week, every single week of the year for that kind of cash.

That’s crazy money to spend on board/card games. Unless he was backing games at higher than standard levels, he’s got something like 200 games backed. Even if they were all awesome, who could possibly learn and play that many games? Your gaming group would be set for YEARS to come!