Kickstarting and Screaming


Oh yeah, this guy backed at some crazy tiers. Many between $100-$500, a $900 gaming table, and $1600 for a games.

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List of backed games:
The Networks: Executives $40
Successful pledges Includes pledges that were successfully charged 152 projects
Conan: The Book of Set $25
Vikings Gone Wild - Masters of Elements Expansion $88
Catacombs Conquest $50
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game $482.00
Argent: the Consortium - 2nd Ed. $100.00
Star Realms Frontiers $177.00
Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 $314.00
Founders of Gloomhaven $49.00
Rise of Tribes $66.00
Lords of Hellas £189.00
Triplock $28.00
1066, Tears to Many Mothers - £34.00
GameTek: The Book $30.00
Deception: Undercover Allies $61.00
Clash of Rage €1.00
Zombicide: Green Horde $475.00
Barbarians: The Invasion £107.00
Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight - $59.00
Zombie Tsunami - The Board Game $46.00
The Skirmish Box - A Custom Case for your Miniatures $179.00
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea $159.00
Rayguns & Rocketships $70.00
Game Upgrades 3.0 by Meeple Source! $47.00
Massif Displays: Folding Compact Board Game Stands. $39.00
TerrainCrate - Plastic, affordable, fantasy terrain! $180.00
Brass ~ An Industrial Revolution CA$ 132.00
The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast $50.00
Gloomhaven (Second Printing) $25.00
Hardback - The “Pre-Quill” to Paperback $30.00
Bargain Quest! $70.00
The Grimm Forest $49.00
The Pirate Republic $104.00
Aeon’s End: War Eternal $150.00
GKR: Heavy Hitters $125.00
Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game $58.00
878 Vikings - Invasions of England $225.00
Dinosaur Island $80.00
Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box $64.00
The Grid Game / The reinvention of the Dominoes! $135.00
Rising Sun $100.00
No Pun Included - A Board Game Review Series £66.00
Empires of the Void II $65.00
Champions of Midgard: The Expansions $48.00
Game Boy Geek - Season 5 - 2017 $150.00
Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game £86.00
Age of Towers €100.00
Dogs Board Game $39.00
3D Laser Cut Resource Hex Set $155.00
Railways of Nippon: The Next Train Stop $239.00
Quodd Heroes CA$ 95.00
SUPERHOT The Card Game $31.00
Necroboomicon: the first expansion $6.00
The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch $120.00
Tortuga 1667: $27.00
Keymelequin and Keyflower! $8.00
Delve $45.00
Tao Long €108.00
MCG Premium Sleeves & Accessories $32.00
Stay Out of My Dungeon! $35.00
Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 $1,666.00
5-Minute Dungeon: CA$ 53.00
Vast: The Crystal Caverns - with Miniatures $125.00
Abandon Planet $42.00
Lisboa: $106.00
Portable Paint Station - €189.00
Keyper - Character Edition £91.00
Bears vs Babies - A Card Game $35.00
Man vs Meeple Season One Kickstarter $50.00
Mythic Battles: Pantheon $99.00
Dialect: A Game about Language and How it Dies $36.00 ILLIMAT $64.00
Pretending to Grownup CA$ 36.00
Tiny Epic Quest - Introducing ITEMeeples™ $28.00
The Edge: Dawnfall £150.00
Rewordable • $64.00
Deep Madness $90.00
Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove $75.00
Thornwatch $398.00
Vengeance $205.00
The Captain is Dead - Episode 3 $110.00
BattleCON: Trials - The Fighting Board Game $320.00
Heroes of Normandie, The Tactical Card Game €62.00
Card Rogue: A Tabletop Roguelike $27.00
Siege of the Citadel - 2nd Edition $239.00
BATTALIA: The Stormgates $272.00
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black $28.00
Word Domination - $33.00
One Night Ultimate Alien $275.00
Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting €87.00
BITBOX - Board Game Storage $96.00
Character Meeples (2.0) - $16.00
Unfair $49.00
Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave $115.00
The Gods War $1,000.00
Near and Far - Storytelling Board Game $77.00
Dwarves in Trouble $56.00
Overseers €22.00
What Do You Meme?™ $40.00
Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game $225.00
The Walking Dead No Sanctuary $275.00
Martians: A Story of Civilization $138.00
Hero Realms, a Deckbuilding Adventure Card Game $82.00
The Duchess - A Gaming Table $858.00
Lab Wars - card game £39.00
Nerdy Inventions - The Crazy Inventions Dice Game $18.00
Millennium Blades - Promos! $50.00
YOKOHAMA Deluxe! by Hisashi Hayashi & TMG $65.00
Fugitive $20.00
Mechanical Dice Towers $71.00
Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star $135.00
Massive Darkness $409.00
Catacombs & Castles CA$ 99.00
OrganATTACK! - a Card Game by The Awkward Yeti $27.00
Vikings Gone Wild - The Board Game $96.00
The Resistance - Plot Thickens $9.00
This War Of Mine: The Board Game £300.00
Outlive €89.00
Joking Hazard $75.00
The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game $331.00
House of Borgia $40.00
Karmaka – A tactical card game for 2-4 souls $30.00
Space Battle Dice $43.00
Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon $169.00
Tiny Epic Western Character Meeples! $35.00
Magnetic War Mats Wave 2 $110.00
Thief’s Market $17.00
Tiny Epic Western $26.00
XenoShyft: Dreadmire $60.00


What do you think you pay for a country club membership and golfing?

Even if you play on public courses, 18 holes and a cart can easily cost you $50 at the cheaper places, and more at the nicer places. Then add in drinks after the round, maybe hit a bucket on the range before the rounds, and buy a sleeve of balls at the course pro shop, and you’re spending an easy $85+ per week just for your Saturday golf. Then you want to hit balls at the range during the week, and get a new club now and then? It’s not cheap to play golf if you’re really into it.

Most hobbies, I think, are willing to suck as much money out of your wallet as you are willing to pay. Think about how much you can spend on a home entertainment system, and then how every few years that’s outdated.

You can be a gamer and spend $50 a month, or you can be a gamer and spend $300 per month when you include hardware upgrades, buying the latest games at full price, etc.


That’s also why the expense of a hobby varies in part on the individual. $530 a month is expensive, no matter what hobby it’s being spent on.


I agree, but so is everything else. You can live in an $800/month apartment and spend $300/month on your hobby, or live in an $1100/month apartment and not have a hobby. It’s all the same, really, just like the cost of cars, clothes, vacationing, and everything else. Some people budget to spend $2000 a year on vacations. Some people like to buy good wine at $20 per bottle, or more.

Once you have disposable income, it’s not that surprising that you spend it on stuff like hobbies, vacations, electronics, etc. If you don’t have disposable income, the idea of spending $300 per month on spurious things seems a bit outlandish.


Or you can live in a city where you have to pay $2500/month and just watch netflix because you’re too broke.


I have a friend who buys a new Maserati every year for about a quarter million a pop. I think that’s insane but I guess how expensive a hobby is, is really relative to income level. I’m not at that level of money or stupid, though.


A couple years back, Alderac relaunched the old Deadlands-based CCG Doomtown as the LCG Doomtown: Reloaded. They did several cycles of expansions and then decided to shutter it. At some point subsequent to that, Pinnacle, who make the Deadlands RPG that it’s based on (as well as Savage Worlds more generally) apparently took over the game and they are now Kickstarting a new expansion:

$25 gets you the new expansion & PDF copies of a revised rulebook and a Doomtown sourcebook for Deadlands-the-RPG.
$50 gets you that plus a stylish new box for storing the entire run of Doomtown w/ dividers, plus print copies of the rulebook and Doomtown sourcebook for Deadlands-the-RPG.
$75 gets you that plus a Doomtown: Reloaded base set.
$250 gets you all of the above plus every single expansion released for the previous run of the game, all compatible with the new version.

Or you can add on expansions at $10 for the small box expansions and $15 for the bigger ones.

I really love Doomtown so I backed as soon as I noticed this KS had hit.


Man, that’s nothing. I know a guy that spends a few million dollars just about every weekend so he can go golfing.




When I was playing board games more actively, I usually ended up playing about 60-80 new games a year. Some people I occasionally play with average about 200-300 new games a year.

The games from this guy’s Kickstarters will probably arrive over a period of 3+ years. The main problem with getting them played would be that a lot of it looks like total garbage.


From the guy who gave us The Darkest Dungeon.


I really enjoyed Thea. Here’s their kickstarter for Thea 2:


Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition and its expansion are live on Kickstarter now:


As did I. This is the first KS I have backed since Battletech.


For those that liked his Commodore 64 music:


Not sure if anyone else backed Asylum back in 2013. But the latest backer post has finally mentioned a release date window (Mid 2018).

They have been working on this game almost 9 years now! D:


Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about this one!
I had been following this for a long time over at Adventure Gamers, but then gradually stopped visiting that site for some reason. I was really looking forward to this game, but it was moving so glacially slow that i must have given up, and figured I’d just buy it when it was released. Glad to see that it’s still alive. I will once again start looking forward to it.


I’ve backed well over 100 kicks. No regrets, nowhere near 10k. My biggest was $1k to be an NPC in Wasteland. (Sam the cook).


Any thoughts on this one? Looks kinda cool:

Boardgaming in 2017!

(Disclaimer: devs are friends of mine. Cool project nevertheless!)