Kickstarting and Screaming


What makes you say that? They sent out an update this week.


It seems way more ambitious than their modest funding could possibly achieve.


That plus the abject failure of the last Pathfinder game and Paizo’s laughably inept management


A new romance and intrigue game that’s being made by a coworker of mine:

They call it a roguelike but I’m not sure what they mean by that. Maybe just randomly generated scenarios and no saving?


If it makes you feel any better, I spent a non insignificant amount to be an NPC in the game and -I- haven’t finished it either.




Someone needs to start a Kickstarter project for the creation of a guidebook on how to use Kickstarter to bilk people out of their money.


The Kickstarter for Victory Point Games’ 2nd printings of the new edition of Nemo’s War just went up, I kicked in $5 for the expansion deck, why not.


For anyone interested in the most cyperpunk strategy game I’ve seen in decades - there is a kickstarter wrapping up for Spinnortality - where you try to have your megacorp take over the world. Kind of gives me a Shadow President meets Shadowrun vibe (no magick elves or dragons).

There is a full playable demo - guess he’s using the $$$ to polish and expand gameplay.


I posted the update - thinking it was a backer sharing a post from a social media site. Sometimes Jeremy chats there & I shared what thought was from him. Super simple.
Why is it still there? Kickstarter doesn’t allow you to remove it after so many hours.
It still rings true. All the Backer did was re-post what Jeremy has said in the past. Which is still true. What part do you want to understand? Are you a Composer that has ever tried to write a symphony?


She was correct in that you only have 30 minutes before you cannot alter the post. But nothing says you could not post another update.


Any fellow Darkest Night backers reading the making-of book by the designer they just sent out? I’m still pretty annoyed at the delays, but I’m finding the book interesting at least.


I haven’t received that. All I got was an email saying that I’d soon get another email whereby I could pay for shipping.


They’re $3.4k short with three days to go, if you were on the fence about it.


I received the mail yesterday with this title: Project Update #81: Darkest Night: Second Edition by Victory Point Games


Cheers! Looking through my trash, seems I did get it! But it doesn’t look familiar and I don’t recall deleting it… :)

But it’s obviously the email I was referring to in my last post. I need sleep. :P


We’ve still got 19 hours to go on this. I just backed it.

It is now funded.

I meant to post about it last month, when Rock, Paper, Shotgun linked to the game. I REALLY want this game to be good, for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons for that is that while I was listening to Mike Duncan’s excellent “Revolutions” series on the French Revolution, I kept involuntarily gaming things out to myself. It just seemed like a situation where if you stepped up as a leader of ANY faction, there was a pretty decent chance of paying a visit to Madame Guillotine at some point in your future.

Why did anyone step up, then? How, if you’re the King, or Marie Antoinette, or any of a number of royal personalities, military leaders, or rebel faction heads, do you avoid getting executed?

That seemed like it would make for a really complicated, but really intriguing game idea to me, and this game feels like it will scratch that itch completely. Plus, I’m secretly a sucker for playing dress up in games, and the historical costuming here is a nice little lagniappe.



Yes, just got the update.


Kickstarters backed: 7 (Banner Saga, Double Fine Adventure, Planetary Annihilation, Wasteland 2, Battle Worlds: Kronos, Unsung Story, One Deck Dungeon

Delivered: 5 (One Deck Dungeon looks to be imminent)

Failed Kickstarters: 1 (Unsung Story may eventually be delivered some day)

Kickstarters played: 0 (I am also horrible)