Kickstarting and Screaming


Aw, I was hoping Achtung! Cthulhu was going to be U2’s next album.



The 7th Continent 2nd edition base game arrived today, right in line with the estimated ‘March 2018’ delivery window. Bodes well for the second half of the project coming later in the year!

I think we in Australia are (surprisingly) the first country to get it. Hopefully others aren’t too far off.


Iron Harvest Kickstarter started today!


It’s already closing in on 30% of the minimum of 450k$.
I’m a bit surpised the whole production budget will be 5.2M$, including the 1M$ seed money already spent by King Art. Thought it would be much less.


Videogames are expensive. Much more so than people think. It’s a difficulty with crowdfunding them.


This looks really cool, but $45 is a bit too much for me to gamble on it. Going on my watch list though!

I’d never heard of “The World of 1920+”. Apparently it’s artwork featuring a mechanized post-WWI. Very cool prints of the works are available on metal plates here. I wish there were books too, as it’s an intriguing setting I’d love to read stories set within.

I also discovered this amazing multi-plate Blade Runner-esque cityscape print at the same site that I really really like (and my wife would hate and never let me hang in the house)! But if I ever get divorced, this is my first purchase afterwards! =)


Today in the post I received two reprinted High Frontier Cards from OSS games.
Evidently there was a BGG thread about it:


I thought this was well under development and due to come out this year, but it looks like it is now due at the end of 2019.


I know there aren’t a lot of Fig fans round here, but I got an email from them about a new game that seems amusing, called Pig Eat Ball. Apparently it’s a PacMan-like, if that’s a thing, that lets your piggy protagonist grow as it eats, but you can get too big to fit through doorways in which case you can “just BARF to squeeze through!” Well, I thought it sounded funny.

Oh, and apparently What the Golf? was funded, so hopefully we’ll be seeing it someday soon.


Sure, but that’s not what I meant. ;)
I visited King Art in their office in Bremen (Germany, close to the Northern Sea) a few years ago for an article about one of their then upcoming games. It’s a medium-sized studio according to German standards, and small in international context. They’re around 25 people. So far their busines model was developing several small to medium projects at the same time, to always have something in the pipeline. Some of these games were shipped with their own name attached, the rest was contract work. They were very careful to put their eggs in several baskets, stay flexible and create multiple income streams (-> their critically acclaimed adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 was released on pretty much every platform Unity allows).
And suddenly they have one project with a budget of more than 5M$. It’s easy to guess that it will keep them busy for the next 2 years. So they’ve switched gears.

The Iron Harvest Kickstarter passed the minimum target after only 36 hours. It’s not unrealistic it could reach a million in the end.


Man, those prints are really great. I love the naturalism-meets-steampunk thing they’ve got going on.

Not sure I’d put one on my wall, though.

Also reminds me of this:


I thought of the thrift store stuff too when I saw those. I like the guy who puts Star Wars and Doctor Who characters into the paintings. So awesome!


no words



Slow dev’s are slow, but finally a Steam page and teaser video!


Thanks for the link. What a cool idea. Those are awesome!


I can’t Kickstarter much but after playing their first game Ara Falls I had to give these Devs a hand. They are also gonna try to do a switch version if it funds.

I also like they are not going down the stretch goal hole.


Only 80’s kids will understand.


I’d be sorta tempted by that if the stuff in the expansions (which collectively more than double the overall price), or at least the ones that didn’t add an extra island, were part of the base game. As it is, I am not nostalgic for Fireball Island and I’m definitely not paying over $100 for it, even if the redesign really does make it a viable modern game. Even $60 is probably a stretch for what I’d get out of it.

(The biggest thing from the expansions that I think would probably be key to my enjoying it? Asymmetric character powers.)