Kickstarting and Screaming


I’m nostalgic, and played the hell out of the original when I was a kid, but this is a game to play with kids and my son will still be too young when this ships. When he’s 3 or 4 I will definitely consider getting it at retail.

But $60 for the base game (and $85 with the only expansion I would really want is the one that adds another player and assymetric powers) is not too bad. Actually way better than I expected.


Ha, I remember being asked specifically to bring Firebal Island to a friend’s birthday party as a kid. That was a great party.


3 days left for the Iron Harvest Kickstarter, they reached all but the final goal so far. The FREE DLC campaign.


Thoughts, @BrianRubin ???


Made by developers of Mechwarrior: Living Legends, which is a BLAST.

I backed at the alpha level.

They’ll be on our podcast next week.



Nice, thanks!


Level 99 Games just launched their next big Kickstarter project.

After how much I enjoyed Argent, their take on worker placement (not to mention basically all their games being good so far), I backed immediately despite not generally being even a little interested in train games. They seem to like what I like in game designs: special powers, variety, and tons of theme.


Damn you. At 6 players… don’t think I can resist. I have so many games we haven’t even played yet but this looks… cool.


The guys from the Rusty Lake series are making a short film/game:

The movie will contain hints for the escape room game. It could be interesting.


Today I received two Steam keys in my email.
Key the first was for Handelabra’s implementation of One Deck Dungeon, funded 12/1/17. Finished and releasing next week.
Key the second was for Arakion, funded 10/6/12. (Which is launching into Steam early access next week, not done.)

Kind of a contrast in turnaround times there…

Edit: I misread, won’t be getting my ODD key til next week. But hey.


Well, there is another thread about this already, but the Myst Kickstarter is on its last legs:

Y’know, this is typical kickstarting doubt for me. I’m a big Myst fan (I’ve written a chapter on Myst in a book about adventure games). Having a physical Myst linking book seems pretty swell (I hope it does look nice), but it is one more piece of junk in the house. Plus, it’s all games I own and have played from top to bottom already and this probably won’t get me to play the games again anyway. They won’t add anything new, it’s just about fixing what’s broken as most Myst games barely work on modern machines despite being on Steam. They’re PC games, though, so they’ll have to go around and do it all again eventually.

I guess it comes down to which one will win: kickstarter FOMO or me usually being cheap.


So I just backed the second Kickstarter of Monte Cook Games’ “No Thank You, Evil!” since it is quite hard to find and I’m hoping my young kids may enjoy it as a kind of baby’s first RPG experience. Of course the Kickstarter has to succeed in order for that to happen, so here’s hoping.


Hope the KS goes well! I have the 1st edition from almost a year ago but haven’t been able to get a game going yet. Need to try it again now that the girls are a year older as I think it’ll go better now!


So I’ve been telling people I’ve backed “over a hundred” kickstarters for a while now. I just looked and, uh, apparently I just passed 350 this week. Gulp.

I wish there was a way to follow other Kickstarter enthusiasts without being friends on Facebook but it seems to be the only way. If anyone cares to see what I’m digging I am - please note Q23 if you send me a request and let me know if you back a lot too.


Damn, that is quite a few Kickstarters. I think I’m somewhere around 115 without looking. All but a few are board game-related and only one that seems doubtful it’ll ever be fulfilled.




I’m surprised the perfect storm of geeky computer games, boardgames, and kickstarter hasn’t been posted yet. This was announced at PDXCON I do believe.

Here’s the announcement


Man, I thought I had a lot at 191.


I shall endeavour to try the CK board game today.

Assuming I manage that I’ll post impressions.

edit: never got a chance to play it but did chat to about 4 people that did, and they all loved it. They said it was a bit slow at the beginning, due to figuring out the rules, but the game ends after 5 rounds, winner being the person with most VPs. Also, game ends if/when someone captures Jerusalem.

One guy told a story where a player got over extended and promptly got back stabbed by 3 other players.

Sounds very CK!


Fear not, that is a shit ton of Kickstarters!