Kickstarting and Screaming


Yeah, but they decided to implement #5 anyway.


This is almost done. They will get a shot.


The name made me think of an idea I once had:

Based off the expedition to reconquer Moria*, under Balin’s* leadership (the one whose remains the Fellowship of the ring found.)

Player starts with a large large army.

Progresses into the mountains, battles get progressively harder the deeper in they go, and reinforcements slower, BUT, inside is where all the Mithril* is.

So delve down to get the Mithril, but that makes you vulnerable.

You can’t turtle on an easier level either, as there will be periodic waves of Orcs etc attacking.

Eventually a Balrog*shows up, which is the end of the game.

  • = replace with appropriate monsters and names to avoid IP issues.


Action RPG/dating sim from the devs behind Moon Hunters and Shattered Planet.



I couldn’t help but cackle at the sailor moon-esque reveal of the first guy.


The concept looks cool, using space history in a competitive race game. But the CCG format…ugh.


And its live…


The fact that The Long Journey Home is listed in the game’s legacy is of great concern to me.


Did you like the writing in that? Because Richard Cobbett wrote for it (I forget to what degree, but I think most of it if not all), and is writing Nighthawks. That’s the tie here.


Ohhh, okay, the writing was likely the best part of the game. Whew.


A good friend’s Kickstarter.


Since you know this guy…have you read/reviewed any advance copy of this? It does sound very intriguing.


I have not. But I’ve seen and played his work in WoW (of course, like everyone else).


Darkside Detective Season 2 , Kickstarter! I loved what I played of the first game, so backing this for sure!


This looks to have very little of what I adored in the source material. Especially the base version of this version.

They should add a set of sealed envelopes as a stretch goal. Each envelope would contain an amazing plot twist that, in retrospect, explains a lot about the setting.


Hmm not sold on the description of the gameplay but I gotta a feeling a number of people are going to buy this just for the minis.


Just saw this! Damn, I miss the Brothers Chaps.



Hit 50% after 4 days, I think it will be fine. But still get the word out if you know anyone that is interested.


This looks like a pretty neat boardgame. I love the cube drop mechanic. Already funded with 26 days to go. Designed by the guy who designed Game of Thrones, Arkham Horror, Sid Meier’s Civilization, and Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

3 hours left to get in on the early funding tier for an extra hero.


I’m backing it also as it looks really interesting. Not a big fan of timed exclusives though. It’ll discourage later backers from joining in.