Kickstarting and Screaming


For all the people who wished Pathifinder: Kingmaker was turn-based instead of RTwP, I present to you:


MY favorite Dudes on a board, boardgame with a aliens theme is getting a update on kickstarter! Using the word ‘excited’ is a understatement!

Boardgaming in 2018!

Wow, that speaks to me on a very deep level. The games they mention as inspriation… it’s like my top 10 RPG list of days gone by.

Too bad I don’t know this company at all. They don’t seem to have done anything prior. Are there known developers in this company? I am too skeptical for Kickstarter any more.

Kudos for 1 hell of a KS page though.


More than two years ago, we established Ceres Games for the sole purpose of developing a complex party-based RPG that would resurrect those qualities found in the classics of the 80s and 90s. Led by industry veterans Peter Ohlmann and Timothy Drude, among whose numerous titles include The Settlers II, Knights and Merchants, and the SpellForce series, we found other RPG enthusiasts to join our project early on.
Ceres Games is fully independent and not affilitated with any publisher or investor. A successful crowdfunding campaign will allow us to stay on this path.
Our team is currently comprised of international developers who love the computer role-playing games of the past. This passion is the guiding force behind Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen .


I noticed another throwback CRPG launched on KS today, this one follows more along the lines of Dragon Age: Origins, with some goofy formation stuff…

EDIT: this one touts Mark Laidlaw’s involvement, has a stretch goal for a writer from Tell Tale to join and also has a secret writer who they can’t name yet, but is totally going to be Chris Avellone.




I backed it. The art style and Ultima influences are a turn-off, but I love me some 3.5 Ed. Looks like their prior work was something called Chaos Chronicles from 2012 which was cancelled due to legal wrangling with their publisher, bitComposer. Realms Beyond looks exactly like Chaos Chronicles.


Same, can’t get enough D&D. Wish WoTC would release 4 as OGL =/


I know there are some fans of Spirit Island around these parts, so I figure y’all may care to know that there’s a new expansion Kickstarting, Jagged Earth:

2 new boards (and 5-6 player support), 2 new Adversaries, 2 new Scenarios, 6 new Blight cards, 8 new Spirits, a bunch of new Power, Fear, and Event cards, as well as a fifth token type (Badlands), and Aspects that change up the low complexity Spirits from the base game. There will also be an included Spirit promo pack, and you can add on the first Kickstarter’s 2 promo spirits for $9, get fancy wooden tokens and/or a large neoprene playmat (both seem super expensive to me and I’m gonna pass), throw in a Broken Token insert that gets everything from this KS and before into one box, and nab copies of the base game and first expansion, which I believe are currently hard to find.

I’m in for the expansion, the insert (the base game solution works but has no expansion capacity), and the original promo pack, myself.

Boardgaming in 2018!

ooh and 5rh and 6th player! That puts it right into my sphere. I’m so over 1-4 player games.


May 2020! Oof!

The new Chip Theory Games kickstarter is up today too:

Boardgaming in 2018!

That Spirit Island kickstarter is ridiculously expensive. Also, why no tier with just the latest expansion and base game?

Also, as much as I want to back Omega Protocol, the shipping is insane.


You can add on the base game. I don’t know why there’s not specifically a tier for that but I guess they figure most people would want the other expansion also.

I don’t see $60 as ridiculously expensive in boardgame Kickstarterland, especially for an expansion that appears to be almost as substantial as the base game.


If the expansion is that substantial, I would hope they would find a way to release it as a standalone package. Also, $50 rest of world shipping is a bit pricey, especially considering US backers have free shipping.


I only just saw this on Twitter, and immediately felt it deserved it’s own thread.


I suggested to them they do a tier between 59 and almost 200 dollars. They’ve been pretty dismissive of the criticism about price so far, on the comments i mean. I didn’t criticize other than saying it’s a big jump for someone without the base game to give you almost 200 dollars, and that’s the USA price.


Unfortunately, international shipping is crazy. I’m sure companies outside the US will carry the expansion that would be able to ship you it much cheaper, once it’s out.

The MSRP for the base game is $80, so a tier that’s just the expansion being Kickstarted and the base game wouldn’t be all that much less than the existing one that includes the other expansion and the first promo pack.


Well sure. I can buy the base game for 60 dollars right now on Amazon. But even if retail is 80 and the retail for the expansion is 60 that’s still less than the next tier. Kickstarters typically go for a little less than retail too because that’s kind of the reward for the risk. I think they’re pricing is off. They don’t really care because they met their goal, but it’s not a great look to see some of those comments. I just suggested they might consider a another tier between 1 and 2.


This is almost never true in my experience. Sure, maybe they knock a little off MSRP (though not often), but virtually never as much as an online retailer will. The hook is nearly always either Kickstarter exclusive items (which thankfully G<G doesn’t use), promos, or content that will be released separately at retail. And that’s the case here as well.

The only time I can recall ever saving money over retail pricing for the same item was Gloomhaven - that was $64 for the version I got in the first KS, and now sells for $140+.


It has always been true in my experience… and I didn’t say they needed to meet online prices. I said they are usually under MSRP. You’re the one that mentioned MSRP.

I also purchased Gloomhaven, for less than it retails. I purchased Gloomhaven Founders for under MSRP too. I mean do you want a list?

I am not a KS newbie. They have a factor of almost 3 between their 1st tier and their 2nd. That’s a bit unusual.