Kid Icarus.....why no sequel?

Come on, Nintendo! Get your ass in gear and make a sequel to this excellent adventure. Christ, the only other time I saw Pit was as a trophy on SSBM. Was there ever any type of sequel developed for this game on another system that I might be unaware of?

There was a Game Boy Color version called Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, which I believe was just a re-tread of the NES version with a save feature, secret doors and a few other goodies.

Yes, Kid Icarus screams from the bargain bin for a sequel.

You may have hope. An exec of one of Nintendo’s 2nd party devs, I think the guys who are helping out with the Metal Gear remake, made a reference to Kid Icarus a couple weeks ago. Nothing definitive, but good grist for the rumor mill.

I hope they don’t mess up the music, it was awesome.

I’ve heard the rumor as well, for a new Kid Icarus and Bionic Commando!

Nothing would make me happier than a new Kid Icarus game. I had heard a rumor about a year ago that a new GBA Kid Icarus was planned but haven’t heard anything else since. Hopefully they will make one for the GCN.

Never has a game frustrated me as much as Kid Icarus. That said, it’s probably among my 10 favorite games ever.

Well, we can all hope. ::crosses fingers::

This was another one of those games that had just a wonderful atmosphere to it, and not to mention the fact that the music was really well done as well. Let’s hope that if a sequel is made, that they can maintain the atmosphere of the original.

:throws an eggplant at Tom:

Speaking of bionic commando, if you liked it and have a GBA, try ninja five-o. Dumb name (I think its ninja cop overseas) but FUN oldschool sidescrolling fun.

It’s a bit of elevator action / rolling thunder + shinobi + bionic commando. Nice GBA title.

I keep hearing stuff about the Dead Phoenix engine being cannibalized for a new Kid Icarus game. No idea if there’s any truth to it, though.


I want Bionic Commando in 3d. It’d be like being Spider-Man, but like, BIONIC. This is almost as good as having a laser attached to your forehead.

Drop the kid part. Just call it “Icarus” and make it have the style of Dead Pheonix with edgy Otogi/PDOesque graphics and we’ve got a gem on our hands.