Kids in the Hall revival

Kids in the Hall is probably my favorite sketch comedy show and Amazon is bringing it back with original cast

It’s going to fail spectacularly. I’ll be there on day one.

What kind of television is this where you don’t know how time works? I don’t want a clean fork, I want to watch more Kids in the Hall!

Thirty Helens agree!

Though I did see the Kids on a live show only ten or fifteen years ago, and they were still hilarious. Maybe this will be the kind of revival that is underappreciated and sorely missed after it’s gone.

I’m in! I love each and every one of those hilarious bastards. Put them together and you got a stew baby!

In, totally in. Because I’m EEEEVIL.

I will check in, but I can’t think of any 90s revivals that have really worked.

Twin Peaks, a little.

Dave Foley really didn’t turn out like i expected, which turned out to be something like a Canadian Bill Engvall.

Kids in the Hall was one of my absolute favorite shows EVER. If you can find them to watch somewhere, the original episodes still all hold up.

Related: Mr. Show had it’s own revival, but was sorta…not so good, and only had 4 episodes before being cancelled. Hopefully KitH does better.

My avatar and I are thrilled!

I want a sequel to Girl Drink Drunk. I modeled my life after that sketch.

Just remember not to put salt in your eyes.

IT’S A FACT! The It’s a Fact girl is now a Canadian Provincial judge!

Just came here to post, can’t wait!

Was that really cancelled? I thought they just got together and did a few episodes because they wanted to and then they went off to other projects. Bob has been keeping real busy. But my understanding was that it was a creative choice, not a cancellation type deal.

Kevin McDonald has an occasional podcast which is pretty good.

I’ve read that they’ll be bringing back a bunch of classics, but also continuing on with new material. So, yes, I expect Chicken Lady and Crushing Your Head, but I also can’t wait to see what weirdness they’ve dreamed up over the last couple of decades.

Their live show tour (now several years ago) was good, with a nice blend of old favorites and new, relevant sketches. I’m hyped for this!

Yup - that is my recollection too. Bob and David just wanted to get back together and a short season was the most they could do - it’s not like Netflix ordered their show, put only five up, canceled it and buried the other episodes (that is most definitely not how they do things). Bob has been doing Better Call Saul for most of this time, so as mentioned he is pretty busy.

I rather liked their reunion, felt it hit some good notes, especially since it had been 15+ years since they did a sketch show together. Hopefully Kids can do the same.

More Buddy Cole!