Kids in the Hall revival

I can’t vouch for this site I’ve never bought anything from them but Movie Spree, , has the complete Kids in the Hall for $9.99.

It sounds like just another streaming service and they do have apps for most devices. I think I have most seasons on DVD (that I probably paid stupid amounts of money for) but I may just pick this up. I hate spreading around my purchases between so many ecosystems I end up forgetting about things I bought. Kinds of like Steam, GOG, Epic, Twitch etc… where did I get that game from?

Yeah, I have the whole run on DVD. I really should rip it to Plex.

I’ll crush your head.

Yeah, that’s my take also. I love KiTH, but it had such a weird, grunge-y timely Gen-X energy to it that I think will be difficult if not impossible to reproduce. So even if it’s good, it might not be what I want.

And whether either or both of those things are true, I have a hard time imagining there’s much of a market for it today, but I could be wrong.

I’m not subscribed to Amazon so I guess I will miss this. I had no idea who these guys were way back when and just ran across them flipping through the channels. The sketch was Scott Thompson wanting to become an Indian woman. It was bizarrely funny. And then “Having an Average Weekend” by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet came on at the end and I was hooked.

I suspect this would be IP geolocation locked to Canadians only. CBC Gem (their streaming service) has the old Kids in the Hall episodes available. Free if you put up with some commercials or you can pay for the ad-free experience.

Aw yuss, the return of the Eradicator!

I hope this means that Brain Candy, released twenty-six years and one day ago, will find itself streaming legally and in high-def somewhere in this benighted country.

I’d really like to re-evaluate Brain Candy - I remember not liking it much when I saw in on release and I don’t think I’ve seen it since then.

My buddies and I watched it a billion times on DVD back in college and a little after. On the one hand, it’s chock-full of quotable lines and characters. On the other hand, it was made when the Kids were breaking up, and some of those frustrated feelings probably show up in the film.


“It was only a couple of flipper babies!”

Don’t put salt in your eye.


Never … ALWAYS put salt in your eye!

That’s one of my favorites.

Apparently a bare-bones Blu-Ray of Brain Candy was released this February. The reviewer says, well, it’s the movie.

Too bad they couldn’t have included the original ending or bloopers or a cast commentary or anything.

So here’s the original ending

And this isn’t exactly an oral history but is a good retrospective, written last year:

I never saw their Death Comes To Town series. Was that any good?

It’s literally my avatar here so I kind of enjoyed it I guess.

Yeah, I really enjoyed Death Comes To Town. It was one overarching story, so it’s a little different from their normal work, but it was really fun.

I’m not really looking for them to reproduce their Gen-X energy from the original series; I’m kind of hoping the show is a bunch of middle-aged guys doing whatever comedy interests them after doing other projects for the past 20+ years.

It’s live! I watched the first episode and you see a lot of a couple of them. Comedy is subjective so it’s hard to say good or bad. I enjoyed it but didn’t laugh all that often.