Kids in Toronto City Hall: Political Sex Scandel Comes to Town

When has Canadians given a shit about politicians’ sex lives? The closest thing I recall is Belinda Stronach was dating deputy Conservative leader Peter MacKay before she crossed the floor to become a Liberal.

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The “cheating and lying” argument is the same one used by the Republicans when they tried to impeach Clinton.

Looking at the reaction to that ad and this sex scandal, it seems to me that there are some people that need to relax. The guy probably wasn’t qualified for the job, but if he fails on that then let him fail on that.

I think that’s the logical approach, if you think he was inexperienced. Obviously many don’t.

What if he’d turned the TTC into a shining example of excellent, modern public transportation? Or at least, if he hadn’t sat back while it ran itself into the ground? Would this have influenced your decision as much?

I think deep down people aren’t really upset about the guy sleeping with a 20-year old. I think they’re upset that thee guy is sleeping with a 20-year old while they’re not.

I didnt care at all about clinton cheating on his marriage, it was known he had done that before in his life. The issues with clinton were small, (she was an intern in the white house, massive imbalance of power there), and large (that he lied about it under oath). The overall fact, that he cheated, would have meant little, at least to me without those other factors.

The fact that she broke the story out of the blue makes another argument for having affairs with older women. A spouse, kids and a career would have given her something to lose by outing the affair.

I’d have to say that I’d likely vote for him if he did do a stellar job running the TTC. That would demonstrate that his inexperience is not relevant, and he has the skills and drive to get the job done. He’d still be a douchebag though for cheating on his live-in girlfriend.

If the minimums weren’t good enough, then they wouldn’t be the minimums, would they?

Wait, what? So you’re cool with affairs, just not affairs with women under, what, twenty-one? Two? Or what if this twenty year old had had a family? Then it would have been totally cool, I guess.

I’d heard this years ago as the perfect age for a new wife for some ancient Chinese emperor.

Apparently it is mentioned in a David Niven movie from 1953 The Moon is Blue (according to Meta-Filter).

Also, if you RTA, the girls was 19 at the time (which isn’t significantly different from 20) but he got her on the couch in his office at City Hall. Shouldn’t they have security cameras that would make it impossible for him to hide the fact he had a teenager in his office?

Not a bright man it seems.

That’s not the sense that I read it. He was saying that choosing a 19-year old with no attachments or anything else that would motivate her to keep quiet about the affair is dumb. Somebody older, who has attachments, and have reasons for keeping the affair quiet would have been a smarter way to have an affair. There’s less likelihood of her going public on you.

Now that may be arguably true. But from we’ve seen of politicians and affairs, it all comes out somehow, in some way eventually.