Kids today and their new-fangled words

I was playing some video games with some kids yesterday and they taught me a new slang word: “Mood”.
Apparently this means “I feel the same way”.

“These bloody kids today and their new-fangled words, right?”

I’m definitely going to use this now in everyday conversation :D
Does anyone know any other slang words that all the cool kids are using (and that we should adopt when communicating on QT3).

I’m still getting used to “flex” heh



None of these words are cool.

OK Boomer

So they’re cheugy?

I guess I’m “lucky” in that I know enough younger kids through my hobbies/lifestyle that I can keep up with some of this.

Then again it’s good insurance against becoming a Karen.

I mean, I’m terminally online, so I (very unfortunately, in many cases) know all the new slang. It just hangs out in my brain, taking up space I could be using for something useful.

Sorry. I am just going to shake my fist and tell you to get of my lawn.

Big mood.

I said a song was fire and kiddo just looked at me and said “no”.

I’m not allowed to be hep to the young’uns jive.

Kidspeak is only cool when used by kids. If you’re too old, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the right words or not. It’s just not ever cool when adults use it.

Apparently “a snack” or maybe just “snack” is what the kids call a fly honey now.

From my niece/nephews: sus

short for suspect but used as a little bit of anything like:

“This new White Claw flavor is sus.” - meaning, … well I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean. I THINK it meant they didn’t like it.

The same kids got on Uncle Skipper and his wife for constantly using the word, “Dude,” between us or about anything. “You don’t even know if people like you using a male pronoun at them,” was the reason. I think they were kidding but probably not.

We’re all old here.

What does this mean?
Can you give an example? :)

That statement is so cringe.
(which means: that’s so uncool it embarrasses me)

sus is from amongus (multiplayer werewolf game)

As for the complaint about ‘dude’ being a gendered collective noun, yeah I think that’s real. I’ve seen it around a lot. It’s not much different from the NPR insistence to use LatinX (which I dislike, that’s not how Spanish works FFS)

You answered your own question!

My kids, when searching for something on the internet say “I’m gonna search it up”, which I guess is a mixing of “search for it” with “look it up”.

Mood is so sus.