Kill Bill, Vol. 2

This news is a little old, but I didn’t see it here so I’ll post it for everyone who wasn’t clicking the refresh button on about ten movie sites waiting for more news. The DVD for Volume 1 is out on April 13th, just 3 days before Volume 2 is released in theaters. Seems a bit close together to me, I would have expected the DVD to sell for a week or two so that people who missed Vol. 1 the first time around could rent it and then be there on opening day for Vol. 2.

Anyway, can’t wait. Oh, and check out the posters for Volume 2:

Love the one on the right, I’m picking that up as soon as it’s available.

Went and saw Club Dread this weekend (which was pretty damn funny, btw) and saw the Kill Bill 2 trailer… I don’t know if I’ve ever been more stoked to go see a movie. Volume 1 was awesome, and I can’t see how 2 couldn’t be better…