Kill Bill

Okay kiddies… let the gushing commence!

I saw this trailer in front of “Catch Me If You Can.” Looks great to me–not great the way Pulp Fiction was great, but much better than his last effort.

The only good thing about that trailer was Michael Madsen.

Otherwise known as “his best movie.”

Otherwise known as “his best movie.”

Yeah, I honestly don’t understand the bad rap Jackie Brown gets. It holds up better than Pulp Fiction.

I haven’t read the script or anything, but the trailer sure doesn’t showcase what Tarantino’s best at - great dialog. I understand that Kill Bill’s an intentionally cheesy homage to the Shaw Brothers and the JAC, I like seeing the Fist of the White Lotus guy, and I have as soft a spot on the back of my head for Sonny Chiba as anyone. But nobody’s watching Quentin Tarantino movies for the great action scenes. Especially when it looks like he’s going for a serious lo fi vibe. If you’re into this, you should check out the Charlie’s Angels 2 trailer - all the implausible hot chick punching and kicking action but with state of the art special effects.

I hope David Carradine has no action scenes. I know this will be a miracle since he is Bill. Woo Ping, work your magic, buddy!

(also: original music by RZA and Lars Ulrich! Ghost Dog meets Mission Impossible 2?!)

Man, I couldn’t disagree more. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were great (and I think PF holds up really well–I watched it again a year or so ago and it still had the best dialog of any Tarantino movie, and Samuel L. Jackson’s performance was still top-notch). True Romance may have been worse than Jackie Brown…I only saw it once, so it’s hard to remember exactly. But that whole “same story from different viewpoints” thing in Jackie Brown just didn’t work for me at all–it was more boring than interesting. Also, Samuel L. Jackson (and Tarantino’s writing for him) just seemed like a pale imitation of the role from Pulp Fiction. Even Robert DeNiro wasn’t used that well.

I think the fact that Kill Bill is a new direction for Tarantino is a good thing. One of the things I didn’t like about Jackie Brown was that it seemed like he was in a bit of a rut. For example, that “Every nigga wants a nine” speech that Jackson gives at the start of the movie was just desperately failing to recapture the feel of Pulp Fiction. It didn’t have the same visual flair as some of his other movies, either. The relationships between the characters were really good, though.

Tarantino’s a big fan of kung fu movies, and he’s got an awesome sense of visual style, so I am looking forward to seeing what he does with this. And I’m glad he’s trying something new.

I like them all. Hell, I even liked From Dusk 'til Dawn (That’s what Clooney should be doing: Badass bastard roles). That and True Romance he only had a hand in writing I believe. I liked Natural Born Killers which he had his name taken off of after disagreements with Ollie Stone. A portion of that affinity is because I have a 15-20 year old crush on Juliette Lewis from when she was in Christmas Vacation in braces. Mmmmmm.

As far as I am concerned, when T’s name is attached to, in most any way, there is going to be something in it I am going to like. Kill Bill should be no different for me. I cannot wait.

Worth the price of admission, if you ask me!

But nobody’s watching Quentin Tarantino movies for the great action scenes.

You’re kidding, right? With Kill Bill - and with Woo Ping choreographing this one, yeah, this one is definitely about action methinks.

Is there a way to watch this trailer without installing the Quicktime plugin? I hated the way that plugin took over my settings last time I installed it, and don’t want to install it again.

Edit: Nevermind, Fileplanet has it now for download -

Definitely dug the trailer, but action-wise it wasn’t any big thing. Lo-fi is definitely an understatement for some of that stuff – I think maybe it’s the lack of “cranking”. I like the return of Uma Thurman, but the decision to use Lucy Liu and David Carradine seems a little tenuous.