Kill Your Mother(board)

Sooooo my brand new eMachines T6520 with Audigy2 ZS Platinum and BFG 7800GT decided to die with no warning last week. I thought I’d just borked the config somehow, but nooooooo, it’s a dead mobo (according to Geek Squad). The fuck? I’ve emailed eMachines to send me a new fucking machine. But, like, could it have been my fault? And if so, please to be describing how not to ever do it again.

Did you open it and touch the mobo whilst wearing socks and moonwalking on the carpet?

… do you have surge protection ? ( That’s the most logical thing I can think of… )

I don’t think anyone is getting that joke title. EXCEPT ME.

Generally, about the only thing you will do to damage a mobo for a closed box system is pour liquid into it. Were you pouring liquid into it? Don’t do that! Or perhaps you were very drunk at one point while reading qt3, got angry, and started to vivisect the machine with the punching and kicks? Don’t do that either!

I think the moral of this story is to buy an emachine instead of a dell, as they do not make you go through Bangalore to get things fixed.



We get nearly as many dead systems from undervoltage as we do overvoltage, thanks to the local power companies. A surge protector will do absolutely nothing to protect your equipment from the undervoltage comimg from a power sag or brownout.

Since most people in this area are used to the lights dimming for a few brief moments every day, they tend to think that since their computer will continue to run through that power sag there’s no damage being done until one day it just dies.

It’s one of the reasons I always suggest a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with built-in voltage regulation.

But then again, all this is because our local power companies suck.

Yeah, I have an APC 1000 Surge Suppressor with Uninterruptible Power Supply Voltage Regulator P-32 Illudium Space Modulator, if you must know. And there’s no way this side of a sprinkle-dipped chocolate Jesus I would ever open my case. Because of, you know, shit like this.

Naw, it was sitting there on a giant heavy-duty work table (my desk arrived busted and I had to fucking have it re-shipped. It is currently status: lost by Roadway Shipping. I picked them over Yellow because the Yellow dudes busted the first one, and the driver tried to shake me down for a hundred bucks to get it off his truck), out in the open.

I bought it from Best Buy after the Geek Squadder guy suggested buying it and having a better sound and vid card throwed in, that I’d come out only slightly behind (at worst) in cost and infinity times ahead in frustration. It’s a T6520, and the BBGSWTFBBQ guys threw in an Audigy2 ZS Platinum Flatten 'Em and a BFG GeForce 7800GT AAAAND an Antec 430W power supply, cuz that’s how I roll. The BB guys did all the work, I just signed the checks. I didn’t get their cheesy Extended Service Plan, and who’s laughing now? Anyway, they said my MoBo was dead, and Derek said they never lie.


LERV U STOO. Will you PM me your email addy? I need to send you some HAWT EMU ACTION and, whatever.

Hey Derek, is the APC1000 okay? I was thinking bumping up to the 1500 maybe, as I’m running two towers, two monitors (1 LCD, 1 flat), a printer, an external HD, and I’d like to be able to run my laptop off it when it’s around.

I have to agree with this. When I moved into my current house, I went through 3 computers fairly quickly. Crashing, failed parts, beyond what should be expected. I was rather pissed off at pcs in general. Then I got a ups for every computer and the problems went away.

APC has always been my personal favorite in the world of consumer-level UPS.