Killer 7: help me play this game

So I finished Indigo Prophecy last night, and, with an hour and a piece of pizza left before bed, decided to pop in Killer 7, my Christmas present to myself. It loads up, creepy laughter, great, awesome art direction, cool, ok, here we go…

I just don’t get it.

I can’t get the hang of the controls, for one thing, which is pretty embarassing because they seem to simple. I get to the parking garage (I guess), and some guy is hanging upside down throwing barrels at me and the barrels turn into more guys. I can’t figure out what the hell is even going on, and I can’t figure out how to kill the guy, and I can’t figure out why everything looks different when you press L1, and I can’t figure out the difference between the personalities, and… man. So can someone explain this thing to me before I try again?

I suspect there might have been a manual in the box. Not entirely sure, as I don’t own and have never played the game… but I do know that it is usually the case.

Memory is fuzzy because I didn’t really like the game, but there is a large tutorial accessible if you hang a right near the start of the game. I think the weird gimpy mime guy beckons you over and you choose him off the menu to follow him.

Aim for the red spots IIRC. Enjoy the frequent loading as well. As for the different characters: play around with them. The differences are substantial based on speed, accuracy, reloading, etc.

The loading is only bad if you’re playing the PS2 version. I thought the most useful characters to upgrade were Dan and Coyote.

What for Tom Chick to arrive and explain the game’s strengths. Sadly, I am a complete stranger to Killer 7’s charms.

I recently ran through this game myself, felt VERY confused early on regarding the combat as well, but it will click, especially once you start upgrading.

Combat works much like a lightgun shooter, moreso than a proper FPS, you can either spray limbs and torso with bullets to take stuff down, or go for the instant kill weakpoint using the ‘scan’ button. (Weakpoint will only appear visible within the area of your reticle once you scan, keep that in mind)

Killing stuff nets you two types of currency, thick blood and thin. Thick sits dormant in your menu until you hit a savepoint and spend on personalities via the TV. Thin can be used to heal yourself at anytime via the pause menu…or to use specific combat abilities. (Like Dan’s charge shot) Critical kills give lots of both types of blood, and chaining multiple instant kills exponentially increases that rate further. Not so vital in the longrun really, but going for critical kills is beneficial.

Personality selection for combat isn’t such a priority in the first couple stages, you can pretty much use anyone as the game doesn’t demand any unique skills to take on specific foes until later. However, that ‘egg-generator’ enemy DOES require Dan to kill in that first stage. Usually a good tip is to let the eggs keep regenerating for easy blood, but once you are sick of doing that, just scan the generator for tagged yellow targets, and have Dan charge up his gun to level 3 and let loose on those to kill the generator.

Stick with it, the game will click.

Also each chapter has a cut off point for the amount of thick blood you can use for upgrading.

Dan is usually the all around character to use for most situations. I also liked using Mask, and kevin smith.

Yea, it’s probably best to try and hit that ceiling limit for Thick blood within each stage. I was pretty unclear on the process for the first couple stages, killed the bosses without turning any of that blood to serum really and I am therefore behind the curve in possible upgrades the game will allow. Just never end a stage without creating as much serum as possible for upgrades, outstanding thick blood doens’t carry over, but unspent serum will.

BDGE pretty much explained it. Think of it as an adventure game with occasional shooty bits. As others have said, stick with Dan until you get the hang of it. Getting killed is no big deal, as you can just do a corpse recovery with Garcia and you’ll be revived.

And remember that you’re in it for the writing and art direction. If one of your complaints is that you can’t skip the text, you’re playing the wrong game. :) I can completely understand people like Jim not getting into it. As far as gameplay goes, it’s not much of a game. Everything else, though, is phenomenal.

A little Japanese bird tells me that Suda’s next game, Contact for the DS, comes out in Japan next month. It’s enough to make me want to learn Japanese…


“You’re fucked!”

Best soundbyte ever.

That’s awesome. I love the way Dan bites the word ‘fucked’, as if he were hurling it instead of just saying it.


Killer 7 is great.

Wait I thought it was coyote who said that, I remember keeping the volume low when playing as him when I played it with family around.

(some very mild spoilers follow)

Is there any rhyme or reason to why some characters are greyed out when you start a level? I’m playing the second level of the Sunset (the one where the boss fight is two enemies), and I assumed that the characters available were the ones that would be, essentially, recommended for the level. Fair enough - I can see how the game would like you to play as all 7 of the personalities available. However this particular level appears to REQUIRE Kaede for the boss fight - I’ve been trying over and over with Kevin Smith and Dan, and pretty much everyone BUT Kaede. I felt a bit mislead in a game that otherwise does a fair bit of handholding - maybe there was a hint and I missed it. Gamefaqs straightened me out for this fight, but for the rest of the game, should I just play whatever characters I like the most?

Also, in some areas I see a somewhat translucent ghost who looks a bit like Iwazaru - grey rather than red, and who vanishes when I get closer to the area. Does this mean anything? I’ve been able to proceed in the game, but I wonder if I’m missing something.

Finally - is there any way to put off the pseudo-Tiki bidibidibidi sounds that accompany the dialog? The voice acting is generally quite good, but wtf is up with this? It seems like some weird Gamecube thing, in that Killer 7, Animal Crossing both do it (now that I think of it Okami does it also…) but for a game that is this obsessive with style, I can’t for the life of me think how this makes the game better.

Uncanny, I just started playing this game last night and was about to ask the same stuff Extarbags Did.

I love the art, but I keep wondering (for those who say the writing is pretty interesting if not good), doesn´t get a lot lost in the translation? some of the english on it seems…strangely worded, even for a non native english speaker.

It was a real letdown the first hour I tried it, mostly because I didn´t understand a thing, but will stick with it.

Just pretend you’re in a bad dream. It will make more sense the more you play, and then when you try to explain it to someone else, you’ll feel like an idiot.

I’m not sure the translation has anything to do with the weird.

Sudan51 has certainly made a name for himself with this title. I for one look forward to any thing he is involved with.

Good tip, there. However, having just done it, I can say that it is killable with Kaede as well, meaning any character can do it. Just keep pumping rounds into the yellow spots, that’s my philosophy.

EDIT: ON NORMAL. On NORMAL. If you are playing on hard, then yes, it is a job for Dan.

Why am I playing this again, you might ask? Because my inability to find a wii in time for NMH demands it. I was thrilled to find my saved games missing from any of my current memory cards. I never finished the game, and I expect it would make even less sense to do the last third by itself, but still.