Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition coming to PC/Win10


Unlocks in just over 10 minutes. No one else excited for this?


Hmm, not available. $51.99? Eff that.


Should be cheaper. That said, game is fantastic under the hood. As bad as Street Fighter 5 is under the hood , KI is excellent under the hood. I’d say it works as well as Skullgirls, which is high praise.

Not talking gameplay here- Killer Instinct is a very complicated game and hard to get into really.


Hey, this is finally coming to Steam!


I was probably one of the two people that bought it on the windows store.


Now on Steam.



Steam version is probably best deal if you’re new to it, but no F2P option. Also crossplay is not in ranked matches at all.

There is a F2P option via the W10 store. I bought the game on Windows myself ages ago- under the hood it’s the best fighter out there, the actual gameplay is YMMV. It depends how much you like combo breakers and SF2-style balance.