Killing Eve on BBC America


Okay I understand you need to move the plot along. It just needed like, a 5 second scene. I don’t know, maybe Bill tries to fumble with his cell to get a picture and his phone is out of memory or he just has a dumbphone because earlier they mention he hates gadgets.


But the moment that Eve turns around and suddenly Haig realizes he made a big mistake is great. The way Jodie Comer can just switch from ditzy to lethal is so good.

PWB was the show runner in the first season, and I think she’ll still show run. But she also has that second season of Fleabag to worry about. And thanks to Fleabag and Killing Eve she’s got everyone in Hollywood banging on her door.


No no, it’s Villanelle! But yes ok that moment was fun.

Sandra Oh is Eve.


From original to fan fiction seems the path of all successful and unique properties now. It’s strange to see it happen between seasons though. I’ll be curious to see if it retains its steady handed narrative PWB-ness or if it just sets out to fulfill all the Tumblr fans’ hopes and dreams.

Killing Eve isn’t really interested in the technical details of being an assassin and, i think, assumes its particular audience isn’t either. Villanelle is awesome as a stylish female psychopath because she needs to be (and certainly acts the part of the stylish killer) - there isn’t a single melee kill that makes much sense, but that’s fine. You’ll know if Season 2 goes “wrong”, imo, if they try to make Villanelle a wounded protagonist and give her all sorts of reasons her actions are Not Her Fault.


S1E1 pilot script. Looks neat.

(read through it. It’s a draft copy. Lots of changes and scenes revised/removed.)


Just finished this a few days ago and I thought a lot of the acting was really great (although I found the assassin to overact more as it went on). The first few episodes were truly amazing, but the Bill stuff is where it started to go down hill a little for me and I really thought the final encounter for the season was dumb. I don’t know what exactly changed in that third episode with Bill in the nightclub, I could check the credits or maybe that’s where the focus of the show shifted away from what could have been a more procedural show. I don’t know, honestly, maybe I just missed something or didn’t appreciate it.

Anyway, I guess I’m curious about season 2, even though it should be about five minutes long because Sandra Oh runs out of the killer’s apartment from the very end of season one and finds her stumbling around dropping blood everywhere just outside the building. It just felt like the longer it went on, the more I needed to handwave slight bullshit away to not get completely taken out of the story until that very end which struck me as incredibly stupid in the same way I thought moments of Ecks VS Sever or bits of Halloween or any superhero movie moment when someone turns back around to see the hero has just vanished without a trace all badass were stupid..


While I enjoyed season one very much and have recommended it to others, I agree with most of this. The last episode…my wife and I kept looking at each other with the “what the heck is happening?” looks. Eve’s character was going off the rails.

I’m hopeful that one off-kilter episode out of eight is not an indication of things to come in season 2.

You can bet we will watch season 2 when it launches, because what did happen to Villanelle?


Villanelle is out getting new clothes, of course. These got blood on them.


For me, the longer the season went on, the more it seemed like what the show was telling us the characters wanted was not what their actions worked toward in some ways, and it somehow started with Bill in the nightclub episode. By the end it just felt a bit like contrived bullshit, and again we all know what actually should happen to Villanelle…

She should be bleeding to death on the stairs just outside the door.


As if. She is self-sealing.


Finally airing in the UK.


BBC America - not bad enough they were disloyal, now they won’t even promptly air the TV shows to the Motherland.


Aaargh. I watched the first episode OTA, planned to watch the second one that way too. Turns out the whole season is on iPlayer, so I’ve basically wasted the last week.


This is finally on Hulu. Watched the first episode without many expectations, but was surprised at the amount of humor. Thumbs up so far!


So, we watched this one over the course of the last few weeks.

Really good. Jodie Comer is something else. Those accents, the way she snaps from happy to sad to scary is jolting in the best way.

Sandra Oh deserved the Golden Globes nod she got, and won. She has always been great, glad she has had a chance to shine in this show.

I also love the guy who plays Konstantin. I loved how his character was described as a “sexy older man” you look at the guy and you are like what? But you hear him talk and see the charisma, you get why he was able to control Villanelle for so long. She constantly asks why they didn’t sleep together.

The show walked a very thin line between being dramatic and outrageous, and I think it worked really well. I really appreciate how broken Villanelle is as a character, and how every moment you are meant to see her in some sort of light that makes you start to feel bad for her, she stabs you in the gut yet again.

Post season 1, I don’t know where the story goes, and I don’t know if I felt how the show devolved from a procedural into something more akin to an action-thriller was handled in the best way. Things turn up really quickly in those last 2 episodes. I also respect the interesting choice that was made.

The ending scene was great too. Sandra Oh’s obsession with Villanelle has evolved in a way that she didn’t understand it could, and it is a lot more than just a work obsession at this point. I enjoyed the casting of Ana (the hair) and the parallels we see with Eve.

Hasn’t been stated in this thread yet, but whoever did the music/score for this show was genius. I loved it. Coupled with some excellent editing, stand out performances, and slick directing, this show was one of the best of 2018.

Highly recommend people check this one out.


This is probably an unpopular opinion but, while I like Sandra Oh, I don’t necessarily like her in the role. I enjoyed both Jodie Comer’s and Kim Bodnia’s (Konstantin) performances much more, for the reasons you described above. Bodnia strikes the intended cord with me - something about his smile just makes my heart skip a beat.


He’s really good in The Bridge (2011), Danish/Swedish.


After watching episode 3 and 4, how the flying f**k do these guys not have any guns? Who goes to pursue a super assassin without a gun? Like seriously, where are the guns in this show (so far)? It completely took the drama out of episode 3 for me. Of course you’re going to die if you pursue an assassin on your own and you don’t even take out a gun (even when you realize she’s coming for you), you dolt. A few shots in the air would have easily saved his life.


That was super annoying.

Why not just take a picture of her with his fucking cell phone or you know CALL SOMEONE. Feels like the DM just wanted to push the story along.


So, this is back on in the US but once again not the UK. This time, it seems the BBC (UK) has the right to show it immediately after airing in the US, but because they want to box set it, they’re not showing anything until the season finishes in the US. Seems very dumb to me. There’s no benefit to box setting if you’re getting everything later. Not even Netflix does that with the stuff it has international rights for.

So it looks like I’ll be avoiding this thread for the next couple of months.