Killing It! - Dan Goor's indictment of late stage capitalism

Set in 2016, in Florida, a down on his luck “entrepreneur” Craig (Craig Robinson) is trying to get investors interested in his brilliant investment plan of starting a Saw Palmetto farm. Things go awry as a series of events leads him into the uber ride with Jillian G (Claudia O’Doherty) in her “Mercedes” that she totally doesn’t live in.

They team up to win the local land and water conservation contest to kill the most invasive reticulated pythons that have over-run the Everglades.

The show is on Peacock, and it is hilarious. It is a complete takedown of the current “hustle culture” world that has taken over a lot of social media and people of my generation. You have “Dominine” (One better than Dominate) conferences, Taskrabbit mishaps, and generally every type of horrible thing that people living on the poverty line have to deal with. A show where it shows why it is expensive to be poor, and is god damned hilarious the whole way.

Tim Heidecker, playing a more competent version of his “On Cinema” persona is way into the rich guy grift, is a recurring character as well as Scott MacArthur (Righteous Gemstones S1) and Rell Battle rounding out the ensemble. Also Stephanie Nogueras plays Craig’s ex-wife, and it is really awesome to have some deaf actor representation and ASL in the show.

This show is so funny, and so poignant. I am absolutely in love, and really recommend anyone who is a fan of any of the above actors or any of Dan Goor’s previous shows (Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99) check it out.

We haven’t gotten around to the 2nd season yet, but we started watching this on the recommendation from friends, as well as the recent 2nd season just aired and reminded us we had to catch up.

Sounds fun! Thanks for the recommendation.

I heard about this, and have to admit it looked like it might be pretty lame on the surface. Glad to hear it’s funny! I didn’t realize it was Dan Goor.

I haven’t seen this show yet, but Claudia O’Doherty was an absolute delight in the series Love and deserves more notice.

Yeah, she was great in Love! She is absolutely hilarious in this.

Really enjoyed the Love reunion with Mike Mitchell as well. But… eh. I watched both seasons and there was some good comedy in here for sure! However, it’s too real at times. I’m not really looking for a sitcom to make me mad about the things I’m already mad about when I’m not trying to relax, y’know? And when trying to make their points it felt shoehorned in at times - which I guess the fool with some Very Specific Knowledge (in this case I’m thinking about the health insurance cold open) is a well worn comedy trope.

Also the message sent by the ending is depressing as shit. Again, not what I’m after from my sitcoms.

I guess. I have a pretty high tolerance for satire though. Killing It does really deal with some heavy stuff throughout. This is certainly not like a “Silicon Valley” which is ultimately a comedy at its core, a complete send-up of the Silicon Valley culture of the 2010’s. This is a damning indictment of capitalism culture, and does not pull punches.

I finished S2 over the weekend, and I loved it. It definitely is depressing, but I think that the ending was meant to be a hold-over for S3, where decisions made at the end of S2 will come due. Things are definitely not wrapped up, and I hope they get an S3 to continue the story, but with the strike I am not holding my breath. At least this show has gotten some positive media buzz lately, and might benefit from being one of the few “new” shows this fall (S2 dropped in August). I also really love how the show pushed the storylines and episode constructions into an almost pulp-fiction-esque set up where you are seeing the same events from different characters POV’s and learning new stuff that was happening in the background thanks to a plate of french fries.

Also, especially in the 2nd season, the show pushes really hard into Dramedy territory, where things get very serious. So be warned that the show will be both funny and depressing. Like some of Goor’s other work this has a really high GPM (gags per minute) and is just full of so many ridiculous lines, I can’t help to laugh, even when the situations are deeply depressing. S2 also has some excellent single or multiple episode turns by Timothy Simons (a very vocally BI FBI agent), Jackie Earl Haley, and Dot Marie Jones, who is PHENOMENAL as the mother of the backwater crime family.

But, you have situations where you just gotta be exasperated by the way the US works. A character is happy to be in prison, because her healthcare is covered in prison. I really like that the show pushes stuff like this. Even small things like “I am going to film this interaction berating a service worker for my instagram” or “debt collectors being hounded by their own debt collectors while trying to collect debt”. An entire criminal family who doesn’t want to get paid, they just want to be put on the books to recieve company healthcare benefits. A rich couple who has a surrogate not because they can’t get pregnant, but because the wife doesn’t want to go through being pregnant. I love that a show is talking about this, this is all real shit.

“Who wants to see me kill this animal like a psychopath?!” “I am allowed to say that, I am Bisexual”

Thanks for telling us about this show, Jon! I’m glad I watched it, especially because Claudia O’Doherty is a goddamn delight. Pretty crazy mix of characters and storylines and modern problems which it spoofs quite darkly.

She is so funny in this. I love how her eternal optimist Outlook pushes Craig Robinson’s to be a better person. It is really rewarding.