KillZone - Deserves its own story

There are going to be many stories coming out of E3. Countless game and accessory previews, of course. The competing online gaming visions of the big two. Price announcements or lack thereof. Unique gaming controllers (Nintendo) or revamped ones (Sony).

But personally, what I would like to see, is a story on Killzone. Because whether it lives up to the hype or not, it’s a story.

Now, I’ve not seen the rumored gameplay demo of Killzone but if Sony makes good, and it’s like the footage that was shown last year, then that is THE story coming out of E3. Graphics aren’t everything, but for most consumers visuals like that would be the very definition of next-gen. And while premature, in some ways it would mean “game over” for the Xbox 360.

On the other hand… if the Killzone demo doesn’t come close to matching what was shown, then that’s a story (and a disappointment). The Sony reps were certainly Orwellian in answering whether the footage shown for Killzone was “real.” As I recall, they initially simply said yes, then followed back with “It was a realtime demo.” A slight but important difference.

(Speaking of which, does anyone have any screens of that initial Killzone demo?)

A demo of what I’m guessing is an FPS is going to sink the 360? Man, the gaming market is boring.

But every single moderately-sane person on the planet knows it wasn’t a realtime demo.

Agreed. Completely.

I’m not saying - AT ALL - that Killzone demo shown last year was real. It clearly was not.

I AM saying that given how much ink that demo received last go around, a compare/contrast piece is merited.

Probably could have been clearer.

I posted this in the other thread, but I know some people who’ve seen a pre-E3 showing of the E3 killzone stuff, and what I’ve heard is that it looks like last-gen crap compared to their fake trailer. Can’t vouch for the accuracy of the statements, but it seems likely to happen.

and it will probably be done to death by every website, but actually, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they trot out the exact same footage, IIRC, they already announced killzone is not a launch title.

If it looks like crap, then they’re not going to show it.

I had heard the rumors but hadn’t sought anything out. Well, if there is an actual demo this go around, I suppose it’s a fait accompli (that’s French for I’m pretentious).

If what Charles is saying is true (namely that the demo looks last-gen by comparison to the “demo”) I’d think they would AVOID showing the old footage they trodded out last time.

Which? The actual demo (hereafter referred to as REAL KZ) or the old CG footage (hereafter referred to as HYPE KZ)?

They’re going to have to show REAL KZ footage eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised if HYPE KZ footage was never shown again.

But the real question is: How will they spin it?

I think they’ll just sit on it and debut it much later, games from actual good developers, like the new SOCOM and Metal Gear Solid will probably pick up the slack.

My guess is that it will be one of the two versions below:

HYPE KZ was what we were aiming for. People should have considered it an expression of our apirations. We NEVER said it was real or a final product, but just a presentation of intent.

That said, REAL KZ is still very much next gen. It’s more than just graphics. You can not only hold a gun in this game, but you can shoot it. And the bullets that come out of the gun actually make an impact in the real world. (And then there’s my favorite:) AND - our environments are entirely destructible.

We presented the best intelligence we had at the time on what we thought the game would look like. After secretly surveying the work of our programmers our PR department determined that we had a game of mass destruction. They produced a presentation that reflected that. Clearly, that turned out not to be the case, but the gaming community is better off having seen our PR department’s work. Thank you.

I disagree, Ken will mostlikely tell us that Killzone only truly exists in the fourth dimension, and since we can’t perceive that, it’s our own fault that it doesn’t live up to the trailer.

Rumors are often just that - rumors. But if there IS a crappy REAL KZ demo out and they’ve already shown it to a few journalists, the immediate question will be why aren’t you showing that demo? Did you intentionally pull it from E3?

No matter what, this ain’t good. But pulling the demo would probably be the worst.

And therefore we must learn discipline.

Which of the following are not real Ken Kutaragi quotes?

A. “The PS3 is not a game machine “

B. “The PS3 will instill discipline in our children and adults alike. Everyone will know discipline.”

C. "We want people to feel that they want [PS3], irrespective of anything else.”

D. “We’re not going to equip the PS3 with a HDD by default, because no matter how much capacity we put in it, it won’t be enough.”

E. “If processors of high performance and wide bandwidth like the Cell were linked together without sufficient security, a worldwide system crash could occur with one attack.”

Trick question, this guy said 'em ALL. As much as I hate hype, I have to admit that I love Kutaragi. He’s the Baghdad Bob of the gaming industry…

Why do you think that? Seems like their crap filter really sucks…

Looks like we may see a few ‘target renders’ in the next weeks. Interstellar Marines and WWE:Smackdown v. Raw are already leading the way.

interstellar marines looks sweet, and at least it’s honest.

What is Interstellar Marines? And what’s so honest about it?