Killzone review brings out the freaks I feel bad for the guy, it’s a reasonable review. 99% of these people probably wouldn’t have the balls to look you in the eye in real life, let alone say what they say in email. The net is quite the asshole amplifier.

Holy geez. I don’t generally read IGN but that their responses and those letters…it certainly seems that they are encountering rabid fanboism or something. Shudder.

I think that’s just what they decided to print.

I imagine they’ve gotten worse. I have.

Those letters are the result of what Midnight Son does when he’s not posting in P&R.

I played Killzone this summer at a kiosk during Ozzfest. It didn’t take long to see that the game wasn’t really all that. I’m not at all surprised by the reviews it’s receiving and given that the developers’ first release for Eidos wasn’t much better, I’m doubly not surprised.


I would have played Killzone while it was in beta, but there was a slight networking issue.

This is a microcosm of the negative side to the hype machine.

Pft. That’s nothing. You all should have seen the kind of feedback e-mails we got at FilePlanet. :)

Maybe if IGN staff could write at a level to attract an audience besides “barely literate kids”, they wouldn’t have this problem.

Speaking of barely literate:

Two chapters into Killzone and I’m really enjoying it. Certainly no Halo-killer but pretty fun so far.


haha… awesome. I’ve been laughing about that comic all day.


Gamespot gives it a 6.9.

Go ahead, make a 69 joke.

Anyway, I peeked in the forums and the fanbois are gnashing their teeth there as well.

Why exactly was this game expected to be on par with Halo 2? Reading through the review it seems like a pretty standard FPS. And it’s made by Guerilla, who did Shellshock: Nam '67. That game got universally lukewarm reviews.

But but but… Sony says it’s a Halo 2 killer, they swear!

And the PlayStation 2 has such a powerful CPU it’s faster than the Athlon FX-55 even today! Just look at what Sony says!

I’m a PS2 owner, but the whole “Halo Killer!!!” thing always cracks me up, partly because it’s almost become a running joke, except for the part where the people saying it aren’t being serious.

If someone went through the Playstation magazines for the last few years, I’d be willing to bet you’d find no less than twenty “Halo Killers”. For god’s sake, PSM actually labeled Tribes: Aerial Assault as a PS2 Halo Killer.

I thought it was the press that coined Killzone a “Halo Killer” not Sony.

When Killzone was first shown it had the potential to be incredible. Too bad the chaps at Guerilla couldn’t get it all together.

Maybe, but I’d give 50/50 odds that Sony tossed that term into their press releases.

Maybe, but I’d give 50/50 odds that Sony tossed that term into their press releases.[/quote]

I think the phrase was first used when the first screen shots leaked even before any press releases or other info had been released.

I’m sure Sony has captialized on it though but I can’t really blame them if the press is going to throw them that bone. Its no more ridiculous than Activision putting PC Gamer’s “A Masterpiece of the Art Form” on the cover of Doom 3.

I do think Killzone will do well for them. I don’t play online but I’ve heard that part of the game is pretty solid. Single player is the best FPS I’ve played on PS2 which is sort of damning it with faint praise but for people with only a PS2 this Christmas it will be their best option for a FPS.