Killzone: Shadow Fall - Free map pack DLC, offline bots, 60fps multiplayer

Yes, it’s the upcoming PS4 Killzone shooter from Guerrilla Games. I know it’s an uphill battle getting anyone on this board interested (or at least talking about it) but I’m damn impressed with what they’ve shown so far. It’s like Guerrilla has heard all of the complaints I’ve had about the last gen of shooters and decided to make a game that doesn’t depend on grinding to be good.

  • Guerrilla and Sony have said all map pack DLC will be free for everyone that owns the game. Badass.
  • Offline and online bots.
  • Aiming for 60fps in MP, 30fps in SP.
  • Create your own matches with a bunch of customizable options.
  • All guns and class abilities unlocked from the start.

This is awesome. I firmly believe that persistent progression in a competitive multiplayer game is just plain bad game design. I’m really happy to see this.

I am a fan of the franchise and its launch release influenced my pre-order decision (over a wait and see stance). I hope to have at least some folks from Qt3 to play it with.

This. A million times this.

edit - that said, I’m still not going to play it because I’m not getting a PS4, but I’m glad to see someone moving in this direction

I’m actually a big fan of the franchise as well. I never got into the multiplayer quite as much as my friends but I enjoyed the single-player and my friends always had epic tales of multiplayer matches. One of my buddies is training to be a paramedic and would play exclusively in a medic capacity, running around with only a pistol and reviving people as they fell. It was a fun inspirational tale of playing a game inside a game, and always piqued my interest. I’m definitely planning on picking this up; maybe I can run bodyguard for him in future matches.

Also: bots are awesome. I approve whole-heartedly.

Question, though, and pardon my inherent lack of tech-knowledge: is there a reason they would aim for 60fps for MP and only 30fps for SP? It seems like a lot of work for only half the product.

You can add cinematic stuff like buildings collapsing, huge explosions, etc to SP at 30fps. With MP, you leave off the staged stuff, but just concentrate on delivering smooth precise shooting.

So less complicated but smoother and more streamlined performance. Makes sense!

Really, there isn’t anything I’ve heard about this game that I don’t like! I’m excited to get my hands on it, and it’s awesome that’s it a launch title. (Or launch window, anyway. :P)

More about the XP progression since the guns and abilities are all unlocked at the start.

XP has been thrown out the window, and instead of the usual levelling, progress is tied to a variety of challenges. Every gun, character class and game mode has its own, and put together there are over 1500 of them. Completing the challenges is rewarded with cosmetic stuff like new skins for the guns and characters alike, but there are also some more useful prizes like different ammo types and add-ons for the weapons. The game’s director wanted to emphasize though, that players won’t be able to gain the upper hand based simply on those, but that in the end it’ll be individual skill that decides the winner.

I actually remember enjoying the second half of Killzone 2. After you leave behind the burned out generic city and instead go to the forgettable rural area.

After I was done with the game though, I totally forgot all of it. I don’t remember what it was about or why I was fighting or where the set piece battles took place. It was all just so generic and forgettable. That’s the primary reason I never even had an inkling of desire to go back for Killzone 3. Such a shame too. I’m a big SciFi fan and the idea of fighting on a hostile alien world is such an appealing concept. But they managed to take that and make it a super boring and generic shooter.

6 minutes of MP gameplay from Gamescom:

Do the killzone games let you change the “you got a kill!” chirp sound? Like if you were playing splitscreen mp and wanted to differentiate which player got a kill by sound?

There is a less compressed, high quality 1080p version you can download here. The game looks absolutely stunning.

The visuals seemed ok, nothing above what you’ve seen in other games previously, like bulletstorm or crysis 3. Remember KZ2 was fun multiplayer, so hopefully this will be as well.

This takes a bit of steam out of my enthusiasm. Co-op (horde mode) is behind a Season Pass paywall. Also, with all vs mutiplayer maps being free to everyone, I’m not sure what the “two additional multiplayer packs” entail.

The launch is upon us and beyond the heated console faction wars, I am looking very much forward to chain guns, energy shields, and medical revive bots as the blue glowing doodads guys fight the menacing red eyed guys. And since MP is where it’s going to be at in competitive (free DLC) or cooperative (paywall) Horde mode, I am thinking some friends list building is in order.

I will be at a midnight launch, then taking a gaming holiday this Friday, so I am up for all kinds of sci-fi carnage. Feel free to friend me. Microphone users are especially welcome (and if you know of a great headset/mic that works with the PS4, let me know). I will try to keep the list updated.

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I’d recommend making a general PS4 gamer tag thread and keeping a google spread sheet of them.

There’s always this:

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I got killzone as part of the amazon b2g1, but it was slightly backordered. Not sure if it will arrive in time for launch day.

Well, the advantage of doing it here is the folks putting in tags over the next few days are not only offering contact information, but are also saying, “hey, I’m interested in this game right here, right now.” I think a few lines in a forum can be spared for such a thing. Thank Helghast I didn’t make a “lets play KZ Saturday” thread. I probably would not have lived to tell the tale.

And how old is the zoho list now? Is it even still relevant?

I already have the game. Now I just need the system. PSN is JetTone.