Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is probably going to make more money than your game

Title Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is probably going to make more money than your game
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When July 10, 2014

Scoff if you will at the simple gameplay and obvious free-to-play money grind mechanics, but Bloomberg reports that the financial outlook on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is green..

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Please crash video game industry. I will mourn the laid off developers but these are barely games, only means of extracting cash from your wallet.

Hopefully they'll use the $200m to make a real game or cure cancer or whatever.

You know you could write up a little first impressions of Divinity, if you have it, but no, you pick this week to shove this crap in our face? Really? We don't understand that there is all kinds of worthless talentless crap shoveled out by a-holes such as this woman, and yes idiots consume it and subsidize their lifestyle? We get it. We don't care. Why do you add to it? Why do you help promote it? Nobody cares, dude....

I hope one of the answers to every question is always: "OMG, Kim Kardashian!"

Kim: Where are the ladies' room?
You: OMG, Kim Kardashian!

Kim: Say... did you have time to look at last trimester's figures?
You: OMG, Kim Kardashian!

Ladies and gentlemen, another satisfied fan of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood!

FWIW, there is nothing precluding us making fun of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood as well as writing about Divinity. We here at Qt3 are able to multitask!

OMG, Kim Kardashian!

Are we all just assuming the game is crap, because it involves Kim Kardashian? That's... kind of childish.

Has anyone actually bothered to play the game to see if it is any less garbage-y than the billions of other F2P junk available?

I have actually played the game. It's not crap. I found it a little repulsive due to the shallow subject matter. I mean really, date celebrities to get more fans? Ugh. But it's got decent progression and the art style perfectly captures that empty reality star lifestyle. The grindy stuff doesn't hit you until the game has set the hook, so by that measure it's better than Dungeon Keeper for iOS.

In the finest Sparky-related tradition, the only reply I have is "What the goddamn [censored] hell are you shitheads talking about?"

"Fans of the game noted that the game’s appeal comes from the integrated social media aspects that keep them involved with the real-life Kim Kardashian."

Nuke the planet and start over.

One-of-a-kind talent? Any not-amateur porn has actresses just like her.