Kinect a portal to a new Virtual Reality?

We certainly all remember these from the 90s and that they sucked massively:

What about the endless possibilities when Kinect, 3D (googles) and new powerful processor technology are combined?

I hate to cynical, but my money is on Kinect (on a PC) turning into just another picture in that album you’ve got.

Okay, I give up. What about them?

But you can use kinect and still be cool!
Not for actual games of course, but for browsing photos or something. Making gestures etc.

If they can make it do proper head tracking on my couch, as TrackIR does on my PC then I’m in. Beyond that, I am not in.

Lynch, you missed the most obvious poll option.

More like this:


Check this out.!

There’s been a few of these robots now, some posted in the Kinect Hacks thread.