King Arthur: Knight's Tale - X-HOMM from Neocore

I loved the Arthurian Total Warlikes these guys did, so looking forward to their new one, which looks like it might be the same setting but with smaller XCom style battles for the tactical parts.

Release ‘next year’, beta (this) November. Also a new kickstarter, which seems a bit weird if it’s nearly done.

Eurogamer had a little more info too.

Looking at the trailer, I think the overall inspiration is more in Heroes of Might and Magic than XCOM, but I’m intrigued anyway.

I thought XCom wasn’t quite right :)

My memory of the Mostly Wars those guys did is “Wow, this is really cool and fun!” followed shortly by “Holy fuck everything is buggy and the AI is unbearable!”

It’s very possible I’m mistaken to a greater or lesser degree, and I’m cautiously hopeful this is more of the former than the latter.

No, you are quite right - I LOVE their games. They oooooze atmosphere, and are wonderfully wrought - They just don’t quite work as they should. More ambition than manpower, I am certain.
Hell, one of their games I love the most, their total war type game set in the crusades whose name escapes me right now, cant even progress past the first mission, if you are on windows 7 or newer.

The style reminds me quite a lot of another favorite of mine… Disciples - absolutely great atmosphere as well, and this seems a lot like it.

Probably The King’s Crusade.

I am 100% there for this. I loved King’s Crusade and their previous Arthurian games, even if they were far from perfect. The atmosphere was enough for me.

The combat feels a lot more XCOM than HoMM to me.

I love Neocore, so I’m totally on board for this.

Would you say it’s more Fort Triumph or Fell Seal? That’s what I want to know.

Heh. I’d really go with more XCOM than Fell Seal - it looks like small squads, not a whole team like a proper Tactics Game. it even has individual units, abilities, positioning, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Move/Action. Nothing about the combat looked HoMM to me, at least. The overland gameplay maybe, but I didn’t see any in that trailer though I didn’t watch the entire thing.

This one, thanks! Such a great game. Looked up steam forums for fun, and the top topic was people crashing after the first battle…still :-D

This looks pretty intriguing. Are there any newer games like this available right now? Something that’s not HoMM, because I just can’t deal with the puzzle like precision/progress required for the campaigns.

That’s the key question for me. HoMM variants always suffer for me because they are essentially puzzles with slightly fungible inputs. I prefer the X-Com style of sandbox battles with strategic constraints going into the battle phase.

Bill Dungsroman claimed to be an x-homm, but I wasn’t fooled.

I’m definitely intrigued. Loved their first King Arthur game, and a good turn-based tactics game is always welcome.

Fell Seal i cannot recommend this enough.

+1 for me as well - I recently picked it up (earlier this summer) on the Switch and it was the some of the best money I spent this year. Just an incredible ride.

And it’s on sale for $10 on GoG right now!

And also on WinGameStore, if you want a Steam key!